Also known as "Lord Zorom", he was the younger brother of King Edward I of Candar. He was exiled after he tried to assasinate Edward to succeed the throne to Candar. After that he tried to get revenge by resurrecting Ahriman to do his bidding.


Lord Zorom

Lord Zorom's appearance in Ahriman's Prophecy.

As a child he attended the Thais School of War and Magick. Former professors had praised his determination and skill in magic, until he was found out one night in a dark ritual. He was caught trying to resurrect a dead wolf, despite the popular belief that no one can resurrect the dead. He was then sent back to Candar.

After some years, he tried to assasinate then Prince Edward to ascend the throne. Edward exiled his brother. The people of Candar admitted they felt more at peace since Lord Zorom's exile.

Ahriman's ProphecyEdit

Lord Zorom first appears in a vision Talia Maurva sees in the puddle of water in Avrail's cave. Talia remarks that there is something dark going on.

He reappears much after the incident, when Talia and Devin are about to graduate from Thais School of War and Magick. A guard informs the King that princess Alicia Pendragon has been kidnapped. Talia and Devin volunteer to rescue her, as they were the top of their class.

Lord Zorom appears in the southeast part of the Thial Mountain Pass, in the middle of an attempt to marry Alicia in the presence of a Dark Priest. Lord Zorom then battles with the party, then escapes hastily, leaving Alicia behind.

After the party gets the pieces of the Aegis, a legendary stone to be used for Ahriman's downfall, they go to High Priestess Gevolda in Mysten Far. However, they sense something odd and gets the Truth Mirror from the retired Treasure Hunter. When "Gevolda" looks into the mirror, "she" changes into Lord Zorom who had been wearing a disguise. Him and the party duel again, and, when defeated, he escapes again.

When the party arrives at their hideout in the ruined Dyuti Shrine, Zorom had already started the ritual in resurrecting Ahriman. The party battles with the resurrected form of Ahriman and defeats it, not knowing that Zorom had completed the ritual at the cost of his life, and Ahriman is free to walk the world once more.