Tyobi is desert town and the capital of Eldrion empire. It was featured once along with the Eldrion continent in Aveyond The Lost Orb. The Heroes reached it after passing through the Big Tree passage.

The heroes go there to ask the Empress permission to pass through mountain pass to mountains. The Empress is known for her high temper and jailed many chefs because their cooking wasn't pleasing.


  • Pleasing the Empress to obtain the pass. </li>
  • Help the thieves steal the golden frog.  </li>
  • H elp the blacksmith get his shields back, and he gives you discount. </li>


    Like other desert towns in Aveyond (Tar Verdon, Veldt, Seri), the town is created in Mid-East fantasy style, and citizens have recognizable Arabic names (in Tyobi, all of them have arabic names).

    South of city, there is a circus, it has a side-quest and Yvette can learn a new changing ability.