The Thais School of War and Magick (also known as the Collegium of War and Magick) is where the main characters hone their skills in wielding the sword and practicing magic.


The School has been present ever since the prequel to the Aveyond series, Ahriman's Prophecy. It closed down temporarily during Aveyond 1 due to attacks from demons. By Aveyond 2, it has been reopened. Since then, many notable heroes have trained here. The location, however, is never permanent, and is altered from game to game (like all the game maps).


Here are the current major points in the School:

Sword wieldingEdit

This is taught to those who have the talent and desire to weild the sword. Of course, not everyone can be accepted - only truly talented ones are honed.This part teaches the way of the sword, and how to effectively use it in battle.

Notable sword wieldersEdit

  • Devin Pendragon (Perry): Once a blacksmith, Devin became a very skilled sword wielder when he accompanied Talia Maurva to Thais.
  • Edward Pendragon: Edward is one of the talented sword wielders still under the Collegium's instructions.
  • Emma Willow: She was once a maid in Candar before Rye Zoyle gave her the money to enroll in the School. After graduating, she joined the rebellion against the Snow Queen. After the rebellion, she became a professor and taught many people the way of the sword.


This is a part of the curriculum that tunes magic practitioners into focusing their magic right. Note that a person's magic may differ from others. After graduating, the mages are free to choose whichever magic guild they want to join.

Notable mages Edit

  • Talia Maurva: Talia literally has magic in her veins. Being the daughter of a fairy and a human, she is very skilled when it comes to magic.
  • Lydia Rupert: Lydia is very skilled in magic, especially in attacks or defenses concerning the control of the elements.
  • Nicolas Pendragon: A very skilled White Mage. He is an expert in Healing the party during battles.


This seems to be a recent addition to the curriculum. It is only seen during Aveyond III. Here, spies are trained for different purposes, such as investigating possible coup de tat organizers or for stealing objects. They are currently being trained by Professor Gray.

Notable SpiesEdit

  • Mel Darkthrop: Mel is one of the spies training under Professor Gray. She is very skilled, probably due to the fact that she was a former street thief, and during the months she was searching for the four Orbs she continued her training in Intelligence Agencies scattered around the Mainland.