Te'ijal Ravenfoot
Biographical information
Born: 512 AY
Turned (Died): First time: Unknown
Second time: 321 AY
Created by: First time: Unknown
Second time: Galahad Teomes
Age: 528-530 (in Aveyond 1 Rhen's Quest)
831-833 (in Aveyond 3 Orbs of Magic)
Nationality: Ghed'ahrian
Hometown: Ghed'ahre
Alias: Wife
Creature of dark
Spawn of evil
(by Galahad)
Physical information
Species: vampire
Gender: Female
Height: Average-Tall
Hair color: Dark magenta (Aveyond 1), red (Aveyond 3)
Eye color: Red
Skin color: Pale
Family and Friends
Family members:
Gyendal Ravenfoot (brother)
Galahad Teomes (husband)
Aveyond 1:
Pirate John

Aveyond 3:
Gyendal Ravenfoot
Love interests:
Walking on the beach
The taste of blood
Favorite color:
Blood red
Personality, abilities
Basic vampire abilities
Skilled with a bow
Weapon type:
Dark rapier (only in Aveyond 1),
Member of Rhen's group (Aveyond 1 Rhen's Quest)
Member of Mel's group (Aveyond Lord of Twilight and Aveyond Gates of Night)
Member of Stella's group (Aveyond The Darkthrop Prophecy)
Behind the Scenes
First appearance:
Aveyond 1 Rhen's Quest, at her home in Ghed'ahre
Voiced by:
Teresa Hewitt
Te'ijal is a very popular vampress character who appears in all parts of Aveyond series. With the power and skills of a 700-year-old vampire who lives a boring life in the Underworld for a very long time, Te'ijal wishes to have an adventure and go out under the sunshine. Her opportunity arises when Rhen Pendragon brings her a bottle of sunscreen, and she joins the Aveyond team to fight evil and help save the world from the demon Arihman. She is snarky, sarcastic, and calm, probably the most logical of the Aveyond characters, and has an "unhealthy obsession with Paladins", especially her reluctant husband, Galahad. Her main skill is the bow, but she has some magical attacks that come with being a vampire. Although Te'ijal constantly mentions eating humans, she does not do so often, and would never harm the members of her party, despite her comments about how 'tasty' they look.


Early lifeEdit

Nothing is known of Te'ijal's life before she became a vampire. Before Rhen's party arrived in Ghed'ahre, she led a very boring existence. She wants to see the surface again, and sunscreen allows her to do so.

In Aveyond 1 Rhen's QuestEdit

When Rhen's party rescued the Priest of Dark, Te'ijal asked the party to bring her sunscreen so that she wouldn't be burnt when travelling under the sun. She promised that she would not bite Rhen or her friends or do anything bad while travelling with the party.

In Veldara the party can now buy the Soul Pendant that only Te'ijal can touch, because she is already dead. She has a penchant for paladins, namely Galahad, so when Galahad joins the group while she has the Soul Pendant, she absorbs Galahad's soul.

When marrying Pirate John and Elini in the Chapel in Thais, Te'ijal and Galahad can also be married. She promised to Galahad that she will return his soul if he marries her. Galahad agrees, but she bit him and said that the only way to free his soul would be to die. Now she is married to Galahad and they are both vampires.

After defeating Ahriman, she returns to the Underworld with Galahad until the events of Aveyond 3.

Life between Aveyond 1 and Aveyond 3 Edit

In Aveyond 2, she and Galahad lived in Casket Hill. It was horrible to Galahad, but Te'ijal seemed to enjoy it.

First and Second chapter of Aveyond 3Edit

In Lord of Twilight, after Mel gave Gyendal the Orb of Darkness, Te'ijal came to the rescue, but Gyendal fled back to the Underworld with the orb. After arguing with Mel, they decided to travel to Thais together. However, at the end of the Shadow Woods, she distracted Gyendal's thugs so Mel could escape to Thais. Mel hid there and trained under Professor Gray for six months. When Gyendal discovered Mel's location, Te'ijal hastened to the Overworld and told Mel to find the Orb of Light, while she and Galahad looked for a way to destroy the Orb of Darkness. She was captured by Gyendal and his thugs, who let Galahad go. Galahad and Mel ended up saving her before she could burn in the sunlight, then together they went to find the Orb of Light in Gates of Night. After the final battle with Gyendal in Gates of Night, the Orb of Life changed Te'ijal, Gyendal and Galahad back to human.

In the third chapter (human life again)Edit

Depressed by losing her power of a vampress, she fled to Sedona with Galahad as well as Mel's ship and compass. But throughout the games, she wrote letters to Mel about what she does not like about being a mortal.

In the last chapter The Darkthrop Prophecy Edit

When Stella and Edward came to her house at Sedona, Galahad decided they would travel with them to rescue Mel, but Te'ijal didn't want to because as mortals they had no powers. Galahad, exercising his power over her as her husband, forced her along with the heroes to rescue Mel. After defeating Mordred Darkthrop, she bit Galahad on the neck and changed back into a vampire (she just needed fluid from a vampire, because her past deeds hadn't been canceled out in the time she was a human) but Galahad can now order her around because he is, technically, her maker.


While she was a vampress, her skin was pale, her eyes were red like blood, she wore red clothes, all the things one would expect from a vampiric being. Her left fang was shorter than her right.

While she was a human, her skin was peachy, her teeth were no longer sharp and her eyes turned violet. Her hair remained the same vibrant red that it was while she was a vampire.


Te'ijal is wicked, cunning, and mischievous, but underneath it all she has a good heart. She talks a lot about eating humans, but she is still determined to protect them. She is also very knowledgeable of Aia's history, having been around for a good portion of it. Her sense of humor is sarcastic and snarky, and she is a strong fighter.


Galahad Edit

See article: Te'ijal and Galahad's relationship

Gyendal Edit

Gyendal is Te'ijal's brother. They hate each other with a passion, and often fight for their conflicting ideals.


Te'ijal and Mel seem to have a very positive relationship. They meet when Te'ijal saves Mel from Gyendal after Mel had inadvertently handed Gyendal the Orb of Darkness. She helped Mel escape from Harburg and enrolled her in the School of War and Magic. After that, she continued to protect Mel in any way she could. She has several nicknames for Mel, the most frequent one being "lamb," perhaps because Mel can be very quick to act and quick to hide. After Te'ijal becomes human again and she and Galahad move to Sedona, Te'ijal and Mel exchange several letters. Te'ijal tells Mel in great detail about her difficulties with being human, so she obviously thinks Mel will understand what she's going through.

Rhen's partyEdit

She seems enjoy travelling with her mortal friends, but everyone seems scared of her because she wears the Soul Pendant.


When Lydia first wants to join the party in Aveyond 3: Gates of Night, nobody wants to let her join. However, Te'ijal has decided that Lydia "amuses her" and she shall join the party because of that. Throughout Gates of Night, Te'ijal tries to convince Galahad to feed on Lydia, or have other people help her convince him to.


She is amused by Edward's family, and at one point says, "You Pendragons multiply like mice."


She initially didn't like Stella much, telling Stella that she has the smell of moth powder. However, as the games progress, they develop a steady friendship.

Other members in Mel's Party Edit

It seems that she gets along quite well with the others, even when joking about physical harm.


Te'ijal is a skilled archer who is very strong. She also has some special abilities due to her origin as a vampress.

Rhen's Quest Edit

Final Embrace - Bite an enemy and drain their health. This skill has a chance to put the target to sleep.

Lord of Twilight and Gates of Night Edit

Drain - Bite an enemy and drain health equal to how much health Te'ijal is missing. Works better when she is near death.

Paralyze - Paralyze an enemy with fear. When an enemy is paralyzed, they cannot move.

In The Darkthrop Prophecy, because she has been turned into a human, she no longer has those abilities anymore.