Ahriman ProphecyEdit

In Ahriman Prophecy, Tar Verdon was an exotic town that is placed in a desert in the west part of the world . One of the Tar Verdon's attractions is the Fighting Arena where slaves and brave ones fight with the beasts for their lives or to prove that they are strong .

Here Talia Maurva and her party fought and defeated all the beasts to save Vel's life.

Aveyond :Gates of NightEdit

In Aveyond :Gates of Night Tar Verdon has lost lots of its attractions like Arena . It became weaker and smaller probably because of the dragons that usually come to the town and kill people .

Here you can buy armor and weapons for the party, gowns for Lydia, and even the Ice Bird Egg if you complete the Tylin and Harris wedding quest.

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Aveyond :The Lost OrbEdit

In Aveyond:The Lost Orb, Queen Gwyneth and King William of Thais go to Tar Vedron for a long vacation after their retreat.