Talia Maurva
Talia in Ahriman's Prophecy
Biographical information
Born: abt 19-29 BY
Age: 13-17 in Ahriman's Prophecy
Hometown: Elden
Physical information
Species: Half human half fairy
Gender: Female
Height: normal
Hair color: dark red (in AP), orange red (in AV1)
Eye color: brown
Skin color: white
Family and Friends
Mother: Fairy Nino and unnamed father
unnamed Sun Priest
Dameon Maurva
Devin Pendragon (best friend), Alicia Pendragon,..
Prince Zorom, dark lord Ahriman
Personality, abilities
herbs, quiet village, forest (because of her fairy heritage)
evil, darkness
great magical power
heal (priestess's skill (later))
Weapon type:
magic wielder's staff, magic staff
War and Magic school magic's student, magic wielder, Mysten Far priestess, druid and guardian of Dreamworld
Leader of Ahriman's Prophecy group
Behind the Scenes
First appearance:
Ahriman's Prophecy, in her house in Elden


Early lifeEdit

The game opens when 13-year-old Talia Maurva awakens from her sleep. That day is the day she was to be named by the village oracle Avrail, who lives in the northwestern part of the woods outside Elden. She is very excited, as she wants to be named as a herbalist. But first she needs to get fresh milk from Farmer Gubbins, who lives north of Elden. After handing the milk to her grandmother and drinking the tea, Talia sets off to Avrail's cave. Avrail complains about the village sends their children every year to get their naming rites, before she grudgingly lets Talia look at the pool in front of her.

Here, Talia "see[s] a foreign land... The wind is whispering something... no, it's voices... chanting... Ahri... Ahriman...". She then sees newly-exiled Candar Prince Zorom and a Dark Priest. Lord Zorom then explains about his whole plan in resurrecting Ahriman and using him to control all the Kingdoms. Just as the resurrection is complete, the Dark Priest senses Talia watching them. Avrail quickly pushes her away.

Avrail then decides that she will not name her that day, and, instead, ordered her to go to the Collegium of War and Magick in Thais and ask for Master Gerrith.

Talia goes to Barbar, the village blacksmith, on her grandmother's order and asked for someone to accompany her to the mainland. Two smiths (Jared and Billy) laugh at her, resulting to Talia saying she will go alone because she is "braver than all of you combined!" Devin Perry, however, volunteered to escort her, despite his sister Lidia's thoughts about Talia.

Magic studentEdit

When Talia goes to the Collegium and asks for Master Gerrith, he informs her that she is to train at the Collegium to become a wizard. Devin also trains at the Collegium, and becomes a knight. The two are at the school for a year.

Stop the prophecyEdit

After Talia graduates, Master Gerrith and the High Priestess Gevolda ask her to go on a quest to stop Lord Zorom from raising Ahriman and fulfilling a dark prophecy. They ask her because they need someone who can slip across the land unnoticed, so as not to be targeted by Lord Zorom or his dark priest. Talia agrees to take the quest, and Devin goes with her. Others join them on the way, such as Jack, Frederick, Alicia, and Haddan.

They discover that to stop the prophecy, they must collect ancient relics guarded by magical beings, and reforge Agea, a stone created by ancient Sun Priests to defeat evil. The gather the relics, reforge Agea, and defeat Lord Zorom. However, unbeknownst to them, Lord Zorom had already completed the summoning of Ahriman, and Ahriman was now free, thus the prophecy was not stopped.

Between AP and Rhen's QuestEdit

Talia and Devin were in love after the events of Ahriman's prophecy, but something happened to the dreamer after Ahriman's prophecy and Talia became the next Dreamer. Years after that, Devin married Alicia Pendragon. Somewhere around this time, Talia fell in love with the Druid of Light (unnamed Sun Priest) and gave birth to Dameon Maurva.

Protecting the chosen oneEdit

When Ahriman and his demon forces attacked Thais after learning of the birth of the chosen one, Alicia Pendragon gives her child to her young but trusted general Tailor Darzon and assigned him a mission: "Flee Thais, and protect Rhen". Only with the help of Talia Maurva did they escape Thais alive.

Somewhere around this time or later, Talia discovers that her husband, the Druid of Light, is helping Ahriman, and she kills him to protect Rhen and the rest of the world.


Talia enjoyed her life as a simple villager, and was not eager for adventure. However, she takes responsibility when it is given to her and does what she must to protect the world.


Talia has bright red hair and brown eyes (green when she is a child). Throughout the game she wears a multicolored dress.



Her Grandmother raised her.

Fairy NinoEdit

Her long lost mother who disappeared when Talia was very young.


Was the only one who agreed to accompany Talia on the journey to the School of War and Magic. He is also a love interest to Talia.



Other membersEdit


Is Devin and Alicia's daughter who Talia helped to hide from Ahriman.


Talia's HusbandEdit

Is Dameon's father who chose to take a dark path. There is not much known about him, only that Talia killed him when she discovered his allegiance to Ahriman.


Is Talia's son who tries to get revenge on her for killing his father. He joins Ahriman in order to accomplish this goal. However, Rhen convinces him that Talia may have had good intentions, and slowly he learns to forgive her. By the end of the game, their relationship has begun to mend.

Oracle Edit

Mother of the six nymphs and also known as the goddess