Biographical information
Born: 299 AY
Nationality: Naylithian
Hometown: Naylith
Alias: Moth
Physical information
Species: Naylithian (Butterfly human)
Gender: Female
Height: average-tall
Hair color: Purple
Eye color: Purple (as normal)
aqua light (as moth)
Skin color: Dark tan
Family and Friends
Mel (best friend), Edward, Ulf
Gyendal Ravenfoot
Personality, abilities
Animals, love sonnets, flowers, romantic stories, etc.
Evil, rudeness, deceit
Favorite color:
Adept at increasing HP and protecting the party with magical shields.
Weapon type:
Magic staffs
A healer and guardian of the Orb of Light
Professor Moo's temporary assistant
Member of Mel's group in Aveyond Lord of Twilight and Aveyond Gates of Night
Leader of her own group in Aveyond The Darkthrop Prophecy
Behind the Scenes
First appearance:
Book 1 Lord of Twilight, in the Ruins
Voiced by:
Cyndi Varady
Bijor Livingston

...Role in what? You cannot use me! I'm worthless now!...

——Stella to Gyendal

Stella is a popular character in Aveyond 3 Orbs of Magic and also a main protagonist. The softspoken, mysterious healer has a very important role in the series.


Book 1: Lord of TwilightEdit

Stella is discovered by Mel and Edward in the Ruins- an ancient city located in to the West of the woods outside of Thais- when both have gone to that place to look for a strange comet that has fallen down there. She is found unconscious. Mel and Edward awaken her, she is injured and has lost her memory, even her name. So Edward carries her to Thais temple.

In Thais, her wounds are healed by a Priestess, although she is still very tired. Mel visits and gives her a silver ring with the inscription "Stella" which she remembers is her name.

That night, strange things happen to Mel, some vampires come after her, Stella hides and watches Mel use holy water on them. Mel ran and met two kind ones. She secretly followed Mel. At Mel's apartment, she tells Mel she has been following her and watching. She says she remembers also running from vampires. So that makes Mel think Stella may be another living Darkthrop. Mel tells Stella all and they journey to Naylith finding the Orb of Light- the only thing can againts Gyendal's evil plan.

The next morning, the journey starts with both girls and prince Edward in Brightwood Forest (Mel doesn't want Edward to join the party but Stella disagrees because Edward is a strong fighter, they need him.) When a wolf bites Stella she reflexively heals herself, and then realizes that she is a healer.

Upon reaching Naylith Summit, there is nothing, just an empty birdcage and a large wall crack. They enlarge the crack and find a hidden cave. Stella is able to understand the strange writing in the journal, it says: "The Quarter Keys you must bring to open up the Way"

Now the adventure really begins. Stella with party (addition two disputing vampires Te'ijal and Galahad) must find 4 quarter keys.

First place they go is Istir Forest. In an ice castle, a princess is sleeping forever, when the team finds the way to neutralize the sleeper's curse, she gives them the first quarter key; but the wicked witch Heptitus steals it and disappears. Stella and party must return to Thais and ask for the King's help.

Book 2: Gates of NightEdit

In a dark foggy night, Stella was rushing, she runs, runs.., those vampires chasing very close after her, she fell in a panic, keeps running, those vampires still close. Stella seems intended go hiding in a rock corner, but immediately, another vampire appears chasing her too, downstairs to mount rock, across the waterfall, passing the trees, over a dark cave, unfortunately the way ends, in front of Stella, there is an deep abyss. She stopped running and turning back, Stella said that the stranger has taken all important to her and conjured let her be, but the vampire shoved her, so that she start falling down over the mount.

She screams "NOOO..." and that scares Mel, oh, this is a strange dream and now Stella is in Mel's apartment and wakes up on the bed. Stella is fatigued and talking tiredly that she was falling to dream again to Mel, asking her what is going. Mel told that Edward with the vampire couple are waiting two girls in the castle and mustn't delay.


Book 3: The Lost OrbEdit

In Aveyond: The Lost Orb Stella is an unplayable characer, after the confrontation with Gyendal she dies but the Oracle and the priestesses from the temple combined their skills and restored her with the Orb of Life.  She spends the game out at Moo Hatchery tending the Professor's animals now that Willette has gone missing.

Book 4: The Darkthrop ProphecyEdit

In this chapter, when Mel gets to the Hunter's Cabin, it turns out to be a trap which Gyendal has set up to lure Mel to Underfall. At first, Mel refuses but then Gyendal tells the darklings to bring Stella out and says that if Mel doesn't follow him then he will kill Stella. Mel agrees and Gyendal lets Stella go.

As soon as she has been released, she goes to the Shadwood Academy to find Edward. Together, they then travel to the Western Island and go to Sedona to meet up with Tei'jal and Galahad. Later, they travel to the Northern Island to get to Mel. After Galahad has been turned into a vampire again, Stella, Edward and Tei'jal are thrown into the prison. 

After meeting the Oracle in the Aveyond, the party gets a dragon and flies to the Mysten Far, where Stella has to take the Trial for pure soul and mind. Once complete, the Lady of Light appears and restores Stella's wings. She flies to get the horn.

After getting the Stone of Aya in the Dreamland and defeating Mel, Galahad and Yemite with Mordred Darkthrop, she uses her magic to activate the Stone and cleanse Mel's and Galahad's soul from the evil that has corrupted them (because Mel has brought something with her from the demon realm).

In the end, if Edward marries her, she will stay at Thais and rule the kingdom with him. If he doesn't, she returns to Naylith and weds another (according to Mel's notes if someone else marries Edward).


Stella is a good example for the meekness, gentle and shynessEdit

Stella is gentle and very shy. She usually blushes and smiles shyly when boys (Edward) give her nice presents (flower, sonnet, ...). Stella is so sweet at romantic story and very happy when she sees it.

How romantic! A prince fell in love with her even though she was a slave. But really she was a princess
(Stella smiles)

Stella is kind and helpful, even to witches.

...Gretchen: A nest of dozen spiders eggs. I can hatch them and have a dozen pets spiders. Will you help me?
Stella: Of course we'll help you!

(Stella is very exciting)

Mel: Stella!!! (Mel groans)

Stella has a kind of meekness, she often sympathizes with the fate of poor.

...Burnaby: I'd planned to run away from home and marry her when I was young when I was your age, but alas, she left ... and never heard from her again.
Mel: Where did she go?

Burnaby: ... My father said she ran off with a stable boy. I refused to marry in hope that she would. I refused to marry that hope she would change her mind... alas, it's not to be, it has been 30 years. She not coming back.
Stella: How sad !

(Stella when heard poor story)

Stella' anger and braveEdit

Stella is rarely angry.

...Stella: My wings! I'll never fly again. Gyendal will pay for this. I will kill him myself.
(Stella is very angry)
Mel: Wow Stella, I never seen you so determined.

In the depths of her heart, Stella is very courageous. She dared to discharge herself because of true friendship.

...Stella: Wait! I'm coming with you
Edward: Stella, it's too dangerous

Stella: Mel's my friend and so are you, Edward! She needs me and you can't not do this alone!

(Stella blames Edward)

Edward: What happens if fail ?
Priestess: Death. Would one of you wish to try ?

Stella: I'll do it

(Stella to Mysten Far Priestess about the trial to receive Stone of Aia, help Mel and Galahad)


Stella wears a delicate white dress. She is tall and thin. She has strange colored eyes (night moth eyes), glossy brown skin, and purple hair.

After the Mysten Far trial, she has blue butterfly wings. (Lady of Light gives her)


In Lord of Twilight and Gates of Night, her weapon is staffs, but she only uses the staffs that aren't possesses by darkness and purely light, for example, in the Spider's Den, when the party get the Black Oak Staff from a chest, she siad that it was disgusting and she wanted to leave it. Her strongest staff in these chapters is Staff of Light.

In The Darkthrop Prophecy, she can uses anykind of staffs that availible throughout the Arishta Isles, each staffs will give her one skill. Her strongest staff in this chapter is Web Weaver.


Mel - Stella's Close friend or Best Friend.

Edward - Stella is Edward's wife or good friend, depending on how you end "Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy"

Gyendal - He is the one who cut off Stella's wings and then bewitched her. She usually keeps calm about him, but her fury against him is truly shown when she discovers what he did to her.

Lydia - Lydia doesn't like Stella (just like anybody else) .

Te'ijal and Galahad - For Te'ijal she is food and a close friend . For Galahad she is just a friend.

Ulf - They don't talk to each other very much, but she seems friendly to him.

Yemite - Nothing much to say...

Animals and cute things - Stella is very charming with animals, especially at cute ones.

Addition, cute toys:

She takes care of pets as her children (bunnies).

Powers, Abilities and TechniquesEdit

Stella quickly discovers her own great talent- a healer when a red wolf snaps her in Brightwood Forest, she screams and cast sleep on this wolf.

In increasing health point, Stella has two strong skills for all allies: Heal Party Major (in the first and second chapter), Heal Major Extora (in the last chapter). (best)

Increasing HP (% of 100% health column)

Party, Expert mode

Heal Party Major

about 47-53%

Heal Major Extora

about 50-55%

In protecting party with shields, she has two strong skills for all allies: Shield Extora (protect from physical attacks) and Magic Shield Extora (protect from magical attacks) (best), addition, she has all magical shields protect from Earth, Fire, Water, Dark, Spirit (likes Dameon's specific shields).

In reviving party, she has Revive Party Extora, just less than Dameon.


All allies, Expert mode

Revive Party Extora

Revives then restores 10-11% health column

In cleaning body of toxins and ailments, she has Cleanse for the party (best). She can cast sleepiness and silence on one enemy (Silence Extora on enemy party in the last chapter)

So, Stella is "the strongest, the best healer" in the Aveyond series, more than both two healers Pendragons men (Dameon and Nicolas)

In the last chapter Aveyond The Darkthrop Prophecy, Stella is now capable of using offensive spells such as Judgement, Starlight and Blessing. Along with her healing spells make her a perfect mage in this chapter.