Shaenlir is a snow town in the world of Aveyond 2 Ean's Quest. The town is the headquarter of the Snow Queen, (the main antagonist of the game).

In the beginning cutscene, the Snow Queen sends her imp to find a good place to start her plan of world domination, and found Shaenlir to be a good place.

Ten years later, after building her kingdom, the Snow Queen invited the kings and queens of the land to a dance ball, but put a spell that froze them. Meanwhile she kidnaps Iya to use her magic, but Ean comes and rescue her and escapes from the sewers. The Snow Queen puts a protective shield on the city.

At this point Shaenlir becomes inaccessible until the final showdown. After the battle, Princess Ella and Prince Uthar secide to stay and help revive the city, while people of shaenlir are wondering what will happen to their town.


A girl named Dora lost her music box (because her mother sold it), the box is found in junk shop.