Seri is an exotic town from Aveyond 2 east side of the Mainland. It is desert town and the Capital of Seri kingdom.


In Seri Ean and his party are sent by Uthar Pendragon to meethis agent Ava and get a ship. Here you can find the Battle Guild that Iya can join. Another attraction is the market where you will find sail ships, equipment and food .

One of the Seri's attractions is the annual Fight Tournament where Emma Willow will participate and win the tournament. Games are 45 minutes apart, and once she loses, she can't go back again. before the tournament Rye will make fun of Emma and makes a bet with her, which triggers the love quest between them.

Though the ice queen turned all rulers into ice, the king of Seri was saved because his vizier went in his place.


  • The party help a man named Rasmen from thugs, and in turn he gives them magic beans.
  • The king wants to marry a woman named Simini, and the party want to help her to reunite with her true love.
  • An old woman lives in a cave outside Seri, she requests a salamander egg to hatch the rare golden salamander. sometimes, she can hatch the golden salamander and skins it, bust mostly she'll hatch a brown one, where it can sent to Grimm's farm and be used in Emma/Rye love quest .