Founded Unknown
Founded by Unknown
Acreage large
Alias Sedona
Political regime mornachy
Rulers Rulers
Citizen Sedonian
First appearance Aveyond 1 Rhen's Quest

Sedona is a city in Aveyond. It is the capital of the Western Island in the Arishta Isles, and is one of the biggest cities in the world of Aveyond. Sedona is the home of Galahad Teomes.

Location Edit

In Aveyond 1, Sedona is located in the northwestern peninsula in the Western Island, and can be reached from the crossroads that also leads to Dirkon. It can only be reached through the peninsular trade route. This road requires bringing the merchants card from the statue of Armaiti in the shrine.

Its location changed in The Darkthrop Prophecy, as it was in the south of the Western Island. Stella heads there to look for Galahad and Te’ijal.

Quests Edit

Rhen’s quest Edit

  • King’s assassin: A mysterious figure tried to assassinate the king of Sedona while he was meeting the party. The thieves will point out who hired them if the party bring them them statue of King Lionel.
  • A woman wants to go to Lord Gavin’s ball but she has no dress. The dress can be bought from the seamstress in town.
  • Frederick the art dealer is looking for something different. Rhen gives him Theodore’s ugly painting (it can be obtained after taking Frederick from New Witchwood to Gentle children’s school).
  • In the training arena, a woman sells Rhen two sword skills for a large fee.
  • A house in Sedona is for sale, and can be bought from Pemberlin in Lord Gavin’s ball. It can be used to make the party members interact with each other and house animals bought from the world of Aveyond.
  • The bottle used to catch the fairy for the mountain king is bought from Sedona

The Darkthrop Prophecy Edit

  • A woman name Lillian says she can't go outside without her fan. Isabelle will give you the fan as a reward for finding her wedding ring.
  • Gregor wants a new quill to replace his broken one. It can be found at Lillian’s after completing her quest. After a while take the novel to a publisher in Veldarah, then return to Gregor who will reward you with a lute.
  • Give the lute to the beggar, who will learn to play it over time, until he becomes the court bard. He will reward you with a love song.
  • Isabelle lost her wedding ring. It can be bought from the gem dealer, and Isabelle will reward you with her fan.
  • There are news in town about jewel thieves. The party investigates about them in town. Lady Anara will ask to deliver something for them. Their cave is in the southeast of Riven forest.

Trivia Edit

  • In Aveyond 1, soundtrack of Sedona is the same soundtrack of game title.
  • Sedona is probably named after the city in Arizona by the same name.