Rhen "Darzon" Pendragon
Biographical information
Born: 0 AY
Age: About 15-16 in the beginning of Aveyond 1 Rhen's Quest. She was 17-18 when she completed the quest.
Nationality: Thaisian
Hometown: Clearwater and Thais
Alias: Rhen Darzon (before reveal of true identity in Clearwater)

Peta (derogatory, from Lars)

Physical information
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Height: short-average
Hair color: light purple
Eye color: Purple
Skin color: White
Family and Friends
- Adoptive parents: General Tailor Darzon and his wife
- Birth Father: King Devin Pendragon
- Birth Mother: Queen Alicia Pendragon
Alisandra and Alexander Pendragon, Devin's parents
Dameon Maurva
Danny (childhood crush), heroes' party
The Dark Lord Ahriman
Personality, abilities
kind, passionate, goofy but responsible
butterflies, pets, kindness, romance
spiders, rats
- Basic sword magic
- Sword magic channeled from a Sword of Power
Weapon type:
All normal swords, Swords of Power
- Eastern Empire slave
- Shadwood Academy's sword magic student
- Sword Singer
- Queen of Thais.
Leader of Aveyond 1 Rhen's Quest group
Behind the Scenes
First appearance:
Aveyond 1 Rhen's Quest, in outside Clearwater village

Rhen is the main character and the chosen one of Aveyond: Rhen's Quest, the first part of Aveyond series. Rhen is the only person who can save the world from Ahriman.


Early lifeEdit

Rhen was born in Thais, the only daughter of Devin Perry and Alicia Pendragon - King and Queen of Thais. The prophecy says the daughter of Queen Alicia is the only person who can defeat the great demon, Ahriman. Ahriman apparently then came to Thais to find her, his demon forces destroying the land. Before Ahriman finds her, Queen Alicia gives her child to her young but trusted general Tailor Darzon and assigns him a mission: to flee Thais, and protect Rhen. Only with the help of the priestess, Talia Maurva, did they escape alive. Rhen grew up in Clearwater on the Western Isle of the Arishta Isles, raised as Tailor's child, knowing nothing of her tragic past.

Slave, Student and the mission questEdit

When Rhen is playing outside of Clearwater, a strange magic dream butterfly teleports her into the Dream world. There, the Dreamer Talia has been seriously injured, so Rhen took her back to the village and her father came. He told Rhen that the strange woman is his old friend, but hides the full truth.

After the village herbalist treats her, Talia gets better and tells Rhen that she is the chosen one. She gave her the priestess ring for protection. Rhen didn't understand or believe her, but agreed to wear the ring.

The villagers were celebrating the spring equinox. Rhen goes to play and finds her friend Peter by a cave. He tells Rhen that he is going to chase Billy Harper's sheep, and asks her if she wants to come. She agrees. But then, she is kidnapped by a slave trader because he sees Rhen is wearing Talia's ring.

After Rhen has been sold as a slave, she works for three months in the Tenobor household in Ghalarah, where she is treated badly.

But Rhen's destiny changes when two Shadwood Academy professors came. When Lars, the son of Rhen's master, was bullying a slave child named Eddy, Rhen tried to defend Eddy despite the consequences and took a small stick, accidentally casting a slide thrust spell on Lars. The two professors identified her innate talent- a great sword singer. They then gave her a citizen token, which allowed her to leave Ghalarah and enroll in Shadwood Academy.

Receiving Her Quest Edit

After training for a year as a student at Shadwood Academy, Rhen takes and passes her trials advances to the next level. She also meets Talia again, and goes with her to speak to the empress. There, the Oracle is summoned. She gives Rhen the quest of gathering the druids and taking them to Aveyond, to ultimately defeat Ahriman. The empress then tells Rhen she should take a companion with her, and Lars volunteers because he wants the glory and attention for himself and doesn't think a former slave can complete the quest.

Talia, who is a druid, asks Rhen for an escort to Aveyond. During this time, Rhen and Lars can take more classes at Shadwood and graduate by defeating a hind. Elini can then join the party. Also, depending on gameplay, the party can find Devin at this point, and Talia can leave to go with him to Aveyond. They can also meet a boatdealer who will sell them his boat if they find him a wife.

Druid of Music- Orion mountainEdit

Rhen, Lars, and possibly Elini rescue the first druid, Vohu Mahnah, by defeating the demon Nangaithya on Mount Orion.

The journey to GhedahreEdit

Vohu Mahnah gives them the key to enter Halloween Hills, where New Witchwood and the vampire city Ghedahre are located. In New Witchwood, Rhen finds a witch who is willing to marry the boat dealer. At this point, it is possible to buy the boat and recruit Dameon, the druid of light, into the party.

In Ghedahre, the party defeats the daeva Zarich and save the Druid of Darkness, Rashnu. Rhen also meets Te'ijal, a vampress who wants to see the waking world and offers to join Rhen's party if they bring her sunscreen.

Travel to the WestEdit

The druid of Agriculture, Armaiti, is on the Western Isle. Several other things are found on this isle, such as militant squirrels, elves, Rhen's hometown Clearwater, and the city Sedona, where Rhen and her party can buy a manor and also a skudder. Galahad can be recruited into the party. In the manor, Rhen shows both her compassion and her sense of justice by encouraging Dameon to forgive his mother.

Rescuing the Other DruidsEdit

After the journey to the Western isle, Rhen went to the Ice Caverns in the Mists on the northern isle. There she found Indra, who had stolen the druid Daena's soul.

The fifth daeva, Saurva, was hiding inside the lamp found in the Southern Isle. Rhen and her party entered and soon found the druid's frozen soul by defeating the demon. The next daeva, Agas, was in the Dreamland. Although he was not holding any druid's soul, he was guarding a really precious item - the Dreamer's Tear. Rhen obtained it, though the daeva acted as if it knew who the sun priest Dameon Maurva was. Rhen is shaken at first, but trusts Dameon to do what is right.

Druid number 6 was Vata, a.k.a. Father Time. The hero party found Aesma, the daeva who had captured Vata's soul, in the Dark Caverns. But the daeva was too fast, and they had to use a magic clock from a beanstalk to slow him down. After guiding all the druids to Aveyond's Sun Shrine, the Oracle revealed the secret entrance to the Sword of Shadows, and sent them to Ahriman's secret lair.

Ahriman - the Just RevengeEdit

After gaining the Sword of Shadows, Rhen asks the druid Eithera for directions to Ahriman's secret lair. Elithera gave her the Stronghold key, which can open the door in the Stronghold Temple Basement. After a while, the party reaches Ahriman in the underground lair. Ahriman calls for Dameon to support him, and Rhen is given a choice: she can either join Ahriman or fight him. Choosing to fight Ahriman, Rhen throws fairy dust (which always reveals the truth) into Dameon's eyes. Dameon realizes that he has been deceived and that he was doing wrong, and rejoins Rhen to weaken Ahriman so that Rhen can eliminate him with the Sword of Shadows. The cavern then begins to collapse, so they get out of the Temple. Alternatively, if Rhen chooses to become a demon, she and Dameon will be used by Ahriman to destroy the Arishta Isles and plunge the world into eternal darkness, and will live forever but forget themselves.

After Ahriman is defeated, Rhen reports back to the sun shrine to return the Sword of Shadows.

After questEdit

Once they got back to Aveyond, Rhen was given some choices. The italicized one only appears in Build C.

1) Become Queen

2) Go back to Clearwater

3) Become a hermit

4) Go back to Shadwood Academy (Build C only)


A stubborn girl who hates doing chores, being treated degradingly, and being told what to do, much like Alicia Pendragon does.

Nevertheless, she has a strong sense of responsibility, like her father Devin Pendragon and like her stepfather Tailor Darzon. She accepts her quest and takes it seriously. She is compassionate and always tries to help those in need (ex: Eddy, the villagers in Dirkon, Tiny).

She is also very humble and unselfish; she is more inclined to walk away when insulted than to fight back, and she blushes and becomes flustered when complimented.


Rhen is a teenage girl with lilac hair and violet eyes at the beginning of the game and becomes a pretty young. She changes clothes a number of times over the game. She begins in a blue and purple skirt and white blouse to reflect her status as a peasant; following her capture she wears shabby brown rags; and upon being freed and admitted as a student of Swordsinging she wears the red and pink tunic of the academy's students. Upon her graduation she wears a brown dress with various pieces of armour and hide to signify her position as a fully fledged Swordsinger. Dialogue in the game also references a tattoo. Whilst investigating an assassination plot in Sedona she wears a lavish green gown to a summer ball, and in the game's canon ending she dons an elaborate wedding gown to marry Dameon and ascend the throne as Queen of Thais.


As Rhen grows stronger she assumes the mantle of a sword singer, she carries a sword and shield and wears heavy armour. The sword is used as conduit to perform powerful sword singing magic. Rhen can find unique swords which whilst equipped enable her to use new powers and abilities called Swords of Power. The Swords of Power are a lost art form so they are a rarity. The most powerful one is called The Sword of Shadows and is sealed away and guarded by the Druids of Aveyond. This is because it has the power to absorb demons and is filled with countless demonic entities, if the sword is broken the demons are released and will bring calamity to the world.


Adoptive parentsEdit

Prior to setting out on her quest; Rhen was raised by her adoptive parents in Clearwater. She had a happy childhood and loved her parents. This love was so strong that after discovering her true heritage she's willing to ignore her destiny of ruling Thais and considers them to be her real parents.


Rhen discovers Talia after she was attacked by the demon Agas, whilst she recovers she speaks in cryptic riddles about Rhen's abilities and even presents her with her Priestess ring. This appeared to be a prudent move as it enabled Talia to find Rhen in the Eastern Empire after being freed. Talia provides Rhen with back story regarding her relationship with Dameon's father and also acts as a guide to Rhen. It is also revealed that Talia saved Rhen and her adoptive father after Ahriman destroyed Thais and killed Rhen's biological mother.


Please see the main article: Rhen and Lars Relationship


Elini first encounter's Rhen and Lars outside the entrance to the Wildwoods on the Eastern empire. She is hesitant of Rhen and Lars' abilities and as such refuses to join them until they prove themselves. Upon defeating the Hind and graduating, Elini joins Rhen and Lars on their quest. Over the course of the game Elini develops a great deal of respect for Rhen and her abilities, confident that their endeavours will bring them honour.


Ahriman initially tells Dameon to turn Rhen to the demon's side. Dameon charms Rhen, but not more than she charms him. Over the course of the game, Dameon develops earnest feelings for Rhen and struggles with his loyalties. Rhen also comes to care for and trust him, and tries to help him mend his relationship with his mother. He considers her words and continues to struggle with what is right and wrong. During the final battle, Dameon gives Rhen the choice join Ahriman with him. Rhen can choose to join him or fight him; she struggles with these options. If she chooses to join him, Ahriman uses them to defeat the rest of the world, and they slowly lose their humanity. If she chooses to fight him, then she has the opportunity to break the hold Ahriman has on Dameon. She throws fairy dust in Dameon's eyes to show him the truth, and he joins her against Ahriman and is enabled to turn the purifying power of the sun into a deadly new ability called Sunfury. Following Ahriman's defeat Rhen is given options for how to proceed with her future. Reclaim her heritage as princess of Thais, return to Clearwater, live in the wildwoods, or go back to Shadwood and teach. When talking to Dameon, she expresses the wish that he could come with her. Whatever option Rhen chooses, Dameon will also express regret that they must part. However, if she chooses to return to Thais, the Oracle will relieve Dameon of his duties as Sun Priest, and Rhen proposes to him in Thais and they get married and have a joint coronation and proceed to lead Aia into a new Golden Age.

Devin PendragonEdit

Rhen's long lost father, also king of the fallen Thais. Rhen has the opportunity to assume the throne or she can take his secluded cabin to live out her life as a hermit. If this occurs Devin will reclaim Thais.


The game's main antagonist, he plots from his realm attempting to destroy Rhen and Aveyond to take control of the world. He seeks to do this by using his demonic allies to capture the druids who can unlock the Sword of Shadows and by sending Dameon to enlist Rhen's trust. They are tied together by a prophecy foreseen by Indra, a demon who embraced the darkness at beginning of the game. Ahriman murdered Rhen's mother, Alicia Pendragon and destroyed the kingdom of Thais. Rhen has the option to embrace the darkness with Dameon and by doing so becoming minions for Ahriman or she will defeat him.


Spells learned at Shadwood Academy

Spells learned with levels gained

Spells gained from equipping a sword of power

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