Ravenwood is a small village in Aveyond 2

Location Edit

The town is located south of Thais, and near the Shadow woods. It is the first town visited by the team after crossing the big lake. However, in Version 1, it is the first town to be visited by Ean after crossing to the land of man.

Quests Edit

  • Villagers talk about a woodman in Shadow woods, who will, in turn, talk about a monster in the forests. In the end, Ean will find a transformation figurine that he can use to transform to the beast, and he’ll find more figurines on his way.
  • After defeating the beast, talk to Hector, who will take another villagers to get the beast.
  • In order to distract Gulliver of Verashima, the team gives him a flyer to see the beast, where he’ll help unfold other things about it.
  • After Great Grandma Nora dies in Ryva, Eamon will ask you to find his sister , Linia, in Ravenwood and tell her the news.