Orc Empire is a city in the world of Aveyond. The city appeared in Gates of Night, and contrary to other locations in the game, it didn't appear in Ahriman's Prophecy.

Orc Empire is the home Ulf the Fifty-Sixth.

Location Edit

The city is located in the northeastern part of Aia continent. It is surrounded by the Waste Land, a barren, stony area. Monsters here are tough and can inflict poison and stone statuses. There's an island off the shore that has a prison.

The city, as the name suggested, are dwelled by Orcs, a giant and brutish race.

Game plot Edit

The party reach town in their search for the third of four parts of the key. The place can be reached as soon as a ship is acquired, but nothing can be done here until the party learns the Orc language in the Venwood academy.

Quests Edit

  • The main quest here is retrieving the third quarter key. After freeing Ulf (see below), talk to the emperor, but it fails. The party sneaks through the back door and reaches the key room after series of puzzles, and replaces the real key with the fake one.
  • The second main quest is to free Ulf. After talking to him in the prison (after learning the language), talk to investigator who will ask for proof (mud tracks and muddy boots in Merk's house). The investigator, however, decides to do nothing. The party annoys the castle guards and get thrown in jail, where they free Ulf from there.
  • Item shop: Fake quarter key, emerald for Edward's Excalibur, love sonnet that decreases attraction points.
  • The academy here teaches swimming by squishing spiders.
  • The player becomes a judge in the in a beauty pageant. Mothers of contestants offer different items as bribes; one of these items (broken wand) can be used later in the quest of Thais museum. (SPOILER: if Edward chose no bride by the end of the game, the winner of this pageant will be chosen for him to marry).
  • Hercules is captured along with other human slaves. Galahad manages to free them by setting Orcs against each other.
  • Item shop sells a love poem, but it is advised not to buy it as it decreases attraction points.