old thousands
the stupid Oracle (by Lydia)
Nymph, god
Hair color
Old white
All of the world of Aia, the six nymphs of spirit
The Goddess, the world's mother
First appearance
Aveyond 1 Rhen's Quest, in the Veldarah Palace

The Oracle is a supporting character in Aveyond series, she looks like an old Aveyond temple keeper. She is a prophet and a goddess that helps the chosen ones in saving the world from evil that threatens the world.


Aveyond 1 Rhen's Quest

Her role in this game is a protector of the Sword of Shadows with the other druids. She helped Rhen remember a bit of her past and also helped her find her path in the ending.

Aveyond 2 Ean's QuestEdit

In this chapter, the Oracle helped Iya and Ean defeat the Snow Queen, helped Iya find her magic and restore her spirit. She also helped Ean's party find a dragon to fly to the Land of the Lost.

Aveyond: Gates of NightEdit

Appeared in later of the game, the Oracle helped the party find out how to activate the orbs, reveal the existence of the Orb of Life and the Orb of Death and help the party find Stella. If Edward didn't marry Stella, the Oracle and other priestesses with the Orb of Life will bring Stella back to life.

Aveyond: The Darkthrop ProphecyEdit

After Mel, Yemite and Galahad went back from the Demon Realm, the real Oracle appeared and told Stella's party to go to Aveyond immediately. She revealed what happened after Mel and Galahad came back from the Demon Realm and how to cleanse Mel and Galahad's souls from the evil that corrupted their souls.

At the end of game, she and Mel's twin daughters appeared and had a little chat, after that they disappear together, it seemed that the Oracle is the one who helped Nox and Uma to get back to the future, but the truth about their relationship is still a mystery.


A goddess with love, compassion and grace, she is very friendly and loves everything that exists in Aia. With her wisdom, she has helped all the heroes throughout 3 games in saving the world.


The Oracle appears as a old woman, with grey hair adorned with gold ornaments. She wears a blue robe.