Biographical information
Born: Unknown (in future)
Age: Unknown
Nationality: Unknown
Hometown: Unknown
Physical information
Species: Human (from future)
Gender: Female
Height: normal
Hair color: black
Eye color: Aqua light (future)
Skin color: White
Family and Friends
Mother: Mel Darkthrop

Father: Possibly Edward Pendragon or Lars VIII from Shadwood Academy of Magic in Veldarah

Twin sister: Uma
Twin Uma
Personality, abilities
playing evil pranks on everyone, especially Uma
Uma, those things and people preventing the Darkthrop prophecy and breaking up Mel's mission
Dark mage's abilities
strong dark magical power (maybe inherted from Darkthrop blood)
Wicked dark mage
Member of Mel's team in Aveyond The Darkthrop Prophecy
Behind the Scenes
First appearance:
In Book 3: The Lost Orb, in Thais Temple (Edward's first wedding)


Nox is one of Mel Darkthrop's twin daughters. Her surname is unknown. In the 3rd Chapter of The Lost Orb, she tries to convince Mel to find and use the Orb of Death. In the 4th Chapter of The Darkthrop Prophecy, she encourages Mel to fufill the prophecy. Nox's personality is represented as dark and evil; the power of the Orb of Darkness lies within her.

Leading Mel to the great Death relic (The Orb of Death)Edit

She appears suddenly in The Lost Orb, usually wanting Mel to do something bad. When Mel destroyed the orb, she just laughed and said :"It's just begun, Darkthrop."

Fullfill the prophecyEdit

When Mel is forced to go to the Demon Realm by Gyendal and the Servants of Darkness, Nox appears first and asks if Mel is happy with her destiny. Uma then appears to stop Nox from interfering too much. When Mel obtains the Staff of Destiny from the demon, they fade away and are never seen by Mel again, until the two are born in the future.


Represented by the Orb of Darkness power, Nox is a mischievous and troublesome person, leading Mel to the Orb of Death, leading Mel to fulfill the Prophecy.


Nox's weapon is an array of axes.


Nox, unlike her sister Uma, wears all black. Her bright blue eyes stand out in her black coat and pants. In The Lost Orb, she wore a brown hat.



Nox's relationship with Mel is quite close. Nox wants her mother to fufill the Darkthrop Prophecy and rule the world, so one day she and her twin sister Uma can inherit the World.


Nox and Uma seem to be generally on good terms, though they are on opposite sides when it comes to the subject of the prophecy. According to Nox's profile, Uma is Nox's favourite prank target.


Nox sees Gyendal as a means to get Mel to fulfill the prophecy. In The Lost Orb, she was the one who inspired Gyendal to attempt luring Mel away instead of using force.


Nox calls the Oracle "mistress". What their relationship is like is unclear.


Nox has the ability to travel in time and make herself invisible to anyone but Mel. In The Darkthrop Prophecy, she is shown to have only 3 spells: Roast (fire), Chill (ice), and Shine (light). She later learns Disease in-game.

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