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Aveyond Gates of Night

Note: This page contains spoilers and give crucial information about the games. Naylith is a city in Aveyond. It is located on the top of Naylith summit, and dwelled by people with butterfly wings. It was established near the end of Aveyond 3:3 as being the home of Stella.

Reaching Naylith Edit

Naylith summit can be reached through the passage located near Gheledon, the miner dwarves’ town. Mel reaches the summit with Edward and Stella, as Mel lied to Edward telling him she thinks that Stella is from Naylith, not telling him that she Stella might also be a descendant of Mordred Darkthrop, and not knowing that her lie was actually true. This cutscene triggers the four keys quest, which is the main quest in chapter 1 and 2 in the Orbs of Magic. The place also has a sunscreen that allows Te’ijal to join the team.

After bringing the four keys that can be hatched in Moo’s Hatchery. The bird flies back to Naylith Summit where and will carry the team to Naylith in a cage.

Rose garden Edit

The surrounding area is called Rose garden. Monsters here drop precious stones and they cast heavy magic attacks

Quests Edit

  • The main quest in Neaylith is finding the orb of darkness, which is located deep in the Seer's cave.
  • Hercules asks the team to help him defeat the monster in the Seer’s cave. The monster will drop one of three iterms: Magic shoes (protects from magic attacks), winged boots (increases party’s walking speed, for Mel only), dung shoes (beast repellent, for Ulf only).
  • Butterfly wings can be bought here for Dioni in Faiara. She’ll give toad egg in return.
  • Pia wants a to replace her broken harp string. Take the broken harp of Sienna from Chateau Lenore, and Pia will give you the key to the sky garden in return.
  • An attraction point can be gained here. Edward can choose to name a star after one of the girls in the observatory.