Iya "Tiki" Okho
Biographical information
Born: 202 AY
Age: 16 in Aveyond 2 Ean's Quest
Nationality: Valian
Hometown: Elfwood
Alias: (help)
Physical information
Species: Elf
Gender: Female
Height: normal
Hair color: Gray little white
Eye color: purple
Skin color: white
Family and Friends
Mother: Lia Tiki
Grandma: Bera
Elie Tiki (little sister)
Ean Okho
Ean (best friend), aveyond 2 heroes
Snow Queen
Personality, abilities
family magical singing heritage, songs, singing, cute kitten, mother-in-law' honey butter buicuits.
evil, wickedness
strong magic wielder's abilities
singing wonderful magical attack songs
Weapon type:
normal staff, magic staff
failed magical singer, magic wielder, great song mage.
Leader of Aveyond 2 Ean's Quest group
Behind the Scenes
First appearance:
Aveyond 2 Ean's Quest, in the Vale Oldwoods forest

Iya, who had part of her spirit stolen by the Snow Queen, is the most important character in Aveyond 2 Ean's Quest. She has a great magical power that she doesn't know of, which makes her the party leader and the chosen one who can break the Snow Queen's evil plan.


Early lifeEdit

Iya was born in Elfwood, where she lives with her mom, grandma and sister. She is best friends with Ean Okho. She wishes to be a singer like her grandmother and her mother- her family heritage. Unfortunately, she fails two times when she takes tests.

Kidnapped by Snow Queen and the escapeEdit

After Iya fails her singing test again, Ean finds her in front of the Elder Oak. She is very sad, but thinks she will try again. That day, they ask Ean's mother for some biscuits, but she tells them she needs some honey to make them. After getting the honey, Ean and Iya return to Ean's house and say goodbye for the night.

That night, Iya enters a strange realm- Dreamworld, Where she meets the Snow Queen and accepts the queen's promise (the queen promises she will help Iya pass the singing contest if she accepts leaving with her), After thinking it through, Iya decides she must wait for a while but unfortunately, the queen catches her quickly.

Iya has been kidnapped and taken to the kingdom of Shaenlir. Iya is then told she is a princess, and stays with the Snow Queen. When found by Ean, Iya does not remember him, or Elfwood, until he shows her a ribbon he found where her bed had been. When Ean gives her the queen's mirror, she has discovers the evil plan and agrees to escape the snow castle by a hidden tunnel in the kitchen.

After escaping, the pair finds themselves in Spire mountain forest, where Iya becomes very tired and faints. There, the Oracle restores her and tells she is the chosen one who can stop the Snow Queen's evil plan. However, Iya doesn't believe her and tells her she must go home. The Oracle informs her there is no way to get home unless she has received six-blessing of spirits, because some parts of her had been stolen by the Snow Queen. By this point, the adventure really begins.

Adventure finding some lost-parts of spiritEdit

Happily Ever After (end)Edit


Although it is not describled directly in the game, one can assume that Iya is a very beautiful elfling. Otherwise, how would Ean fell for her? She was seen wearing different costumes throughout the game. First, a white shirt with a white skirt(white dress?) After she was capture by the snow queen, she was seen dressed in a gown.The other gown she wore in the game when she was in a wedding,married to Ean had great familiarity with it, which was light-purple. After her escape from the snow queen, she tossed away the gown the snow queen gave her,and put on a brown traveling cloak. In the later part of the game, after she joined in different magic guides,she would be given different customs.




From the clues in the beginning of the game, we can infer that Ean and Iya had known each other when they were very young.They were best friend.And later, the friendship became love in the face of calamity.

After Iya was captured, Ean put his own life at stake, traveled to rescue her, both for friendship and love.

Iya loves Ean as her one true love, which prevent her souls from being taken away completely.Her love for Ean saved her life,as well as the world. She finds he is brave and handsome and loves him a lot. Canonically, she ends up marrying him.

Snow QueenEdit


A 2 Party


Iya is a songstress. She learns new attacks from spheres. Each sphere gives her five skills, that can upgrade three times. Her first and basic sphere is the Song Sphere. If you have enough karma she can also get the Phoenix Sphere. Other spheres can only be received if you enter a guild. (It's three spheres maximum per game thus.) Besides the sphere skills, there's also the Raw Magic skill.

Here follows a list of the skills that she can get through the spheres[1]:

From the Song Sphere:

Ember Song -> Thermal Blast Song -> Deep Freeze

Dew Song -> Ocean Blast Song -> Great Wave

Ice Song -> Winter Blast Song -> Sink Hole'

Stone Song -> Stone Blast Song -> Maelstrom'

Gusty Song -> Wind Blast Song -> Cyclone

From the Phoenix Sphere:

Starlight Song -> Moonlight Song -> Sunlight Song

Moon Dust Song -> Comet Song -> Meteor Shower Song

Eternal Flame Song -> Eternal Fire Song -> Eternal Blaze Song

Twinkle Song -> Sparkle Song -> Radiance Song

Silly Song -> Enthrall Song -> Siren Song

From the Storm Sphere:

Rain Song -> Thunder Song -> Lightning Song

Wind Song -> Tornado Song -> Hurricane Song

Snow Song -> Hail Song -> Blizzard Song

Fire Song -> Blaze Song -> Inferno Song

Slow Song -> Speed Song -> Warp Song

From the Battle Sphere:

Knife Song -> Sword Song -> Battle Axe Song

Spark Song -> Firecracker Song -> Bomb Song

Arrow Song -> Missile Song -> Missile Storm Song

Vigilance Song -> Loyalty Song -> Divinty Song

Slap Song -> Strike Song -> Knockout Song

From the Butterfly Sphere

Daydream Song -> Illusion Song -> Nightmare Song

Charm Song -> Love Song -> Bewitch Song

Rainbow Song -> Nimbus Song -> Aura Song

Winter Song -> Spring Song -> Summer Song

Fairy Song -> Elemental Song -> Fiend Song

From the Cursed Sphere

Shadow Song -> Darkness Song -> Eclipse Song

Whisper Song -> Confusion Song -> Madness Song

Eerie Song -> Wild Hunt Song -> Werewolf Song

Void Song -> Trap Song -> Gate Song

Fog Song -> Haunted Fog Song -> Death Fog Song


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