Hercules is a non-playable character that appeared in Orbs of Magic. He is the legendary figure from Greek mythology, and is known by the people for his heroic deeds. As a running gag, he always annoys the team (especially Mel), for taking credit for their heroic actions. Hercules returns in Aveyond 4: Shadow of the Mist as the secondary antagonist and the final boss.


Aveyond 3: Orbs of MagicEdit

Lord of Twilight
Hercules doesn’t appear in the game, but his name can be read on bookshelves, and his bust is seen everywhere.

Gates of Night
Hercules is first seen in the game when the team passes through Orc Empire. He is locked with the human slaves that were captured by the orcs. He was freed by the help of Galahad who managed to provoke the guards against each other. Hercules appears later with the human prisoners on the Waste Land coast, taking the credit to their rescue.

He is seen again in Naylith, as the locals ask him to kill the giant in Seer’s cavern. But he asks the team for help when they are inside the cave. They kill the monster, but Hercules is hailed as saviour.

The Lost Orb
Hercules is seen in Shoal Leiu, where he asks to help him to get rid of the pixies. He takes credit for this, but offers a reward to remain silent.

Mel decides to play few pranks on him: paying the sculptor in Acropolis to make his bust's nose long; use a human repellent on him (bought from Underfall); speaking to him while he’s talking to the ladies in Acropolis; inject him with truth serum.

His fake and real busts can be used in attraction points and sidequests.

The Darkthrop Prophecy
In Sedona, the team meet a man named Gregor who is hired by Hercules to write his biography. He says he wants a new quill instead of the one he broke. This triggers a chain quest to get Hercules’ biography published.

Hercules is seen later in Thais selling his biography and crediting Mel’s work to himself. She becomes infuriated and burns his books by magic. Yemite intervenes and explains that he was nothing but a trickster.

Aveyond 4: Shadow of the MistEdit