Biographical information
Age: 100+ years
Hometown: Bogwood
Physical information
Species: Nymph
Gender: Female
Hair color: Green
Eye color: Brown
Skin color: Tan
Family and Friends
Mother: Oracle
Ceri, Aisling, Serendipity, Ishtar (Snow Queen), Nuha
Personality, abilities
Curses, acting, tricks, and evil plots
Little children, happiness, being tricked
Causing plagues, cursing
Behind the Scenes
First appearance:
In Aveyond 2 Ean's Quest


Aveyond 2 Ean's QuestEdit

She was the nymph of wickedness. Iya was in need of her "blessing", but Hepitus was unwilling to give it unless the group was willing to do something in return for it. Heptitus wanted an agent so that she could join the actor's guild. After giving the guild card to Hepitus, Iya is able to obtain the "blessing". At the end of the game, the party finds out that Hepitus was behind the Snow Queen's wish to take control over the world.

Aveyond Lord of TwilightEdit

In Lord of Twilight at the end of the game our heroes find out that Heptitus is behind the horrible curse of the Sleeping Beauty and her prince.

Aveyond Gates of NightEdit

Aveyond The Lost OrbEdit




With other witchesEdit

Other witches respect and fear Heptitus for being that powerful.

With her nymph sistersEdit

You know what she did to the Snow Queen in AV2. She got rid of the Snow Queen's Love Blessing. So she has a nasty attitude twords the others.

With Iya's teamEdit

I would say she pulled off her worst scheme in AV2. Come on not helping Iya in her desprate state of need? Why was she chosen in the first place if she would destroy her own nymph sister?!

With Prince and BeautyEdit

Well all I can say about this is jelousy. Yet Heptipus was jelous.

With Mel's teamEdit

Here she was acted more of a wimp. She quited battle before the 2nd round started! And top it all off, she had an irrational fear of children. The nymph of wickedness, feared by all the other witches, eviller than 90% of the world.... Petrified by children. Sad but true.


Aveyond 2: Ean's Quest AppearenceEdit

In battle, Heptitus uses a variety of skills:

  • Cackle will hurt the entire party, and induce the Silence effect, stopping all use of magic.
  • Hex damages one party member, and curses them reducing their Attack and Defense by 50%
  • Ghost Blaze deals a significant amount of damage to the entire party.
  • Healing III lets Heptitus heal herself or an ally for around 1000 HP.
  • Shield induces the Earth Shield status effect on Heptitus, halving the damage she takes.
  • Heptitus can also Summon Dark Espers during this fight. These Espers are allies that help her fight.

In addition to her in-battle skills, Heptitus exhibits the abilities to

  • Teleport from one location to another in a burst of darkness.
  • Steal the soul of another, putting them under your control until their soul is returned.

Aveyond 3-1&2: Lord of Twilight/Gates of Night AppearanceEdit

In the Orbs of Magic series, Heptitus' skills changed slightly, but still revolve around her wickedness.

Also, Heptitus shows her ability to teleport again, this time in the telltale flash of light, and she demonstrates the ability to put someone into a Semi-Eternal Sleep, used on Beauty in Quin Castle.

    • Curse will harm one party member and inflict the Curse effect on them.
    • Toxic Cloud swallows the party in a cloud of poison, harming the entire party and inflicting the Toxic Poison effect, which deals damage every turn to the player, and reduces their Physical Defense by 20%.
    • Similar to before, Heptitus can Call Frogs as allies to aid her in the battle.