Happily Ever After
Storybook Island
None known
First Appearance
Aveyond 2 Ean's Quest

Happily Ever After is a town on Storybook Island. It is a 'fairytale' village. With the exception of a few sidequests and the Enchantress' Guild, it has nothing of importance to the main story of Aveyond 2. On the official forum it is often abbreviated as HEA.

The VillageEdit

The village's main attraction point is the fairytale allure it has. Many women visit there to meet and marry a handsome prince. Though it seems but a few men come and most of them are no princes at all.

Another attraction point is the Alchemist. She is famed throughout the world

The main reason to visit.

and able to fix any potion. Last point is the Enchantress' Guild. You can find it in the SE[1] of the village.

Notable CitizensEdit

The Alchemist: The Alchemist can make an Anti-Were Salve for you.

The Warthog: The Warthog tells you he is a prince that got bewitched after he refused to marry the Wicked Witch. He asks you to find a bride for him.

Doyle: Doyle is the tailor, who has lost his tailor's kit.