Gyendal is Te'ijal's brother and the primary antagonist for the majority of the Aveyond 3: Orbs of Magic series. Gyendal took over the Ghed'ahre council and convinced the citizens to support his goals to plunge the world into darkness, claiming that the vampires should rightfully rule over humans.

He tricked Mel into giving him the Orb of Darkness, claiming that the orb was his heirloom, and nearly succeeded in capturing Mel herself if Te'ijal didn't intervene. Gyendal then proceeded to track down the Orb of Light and its guardian, Stella, and used her as bait and spy to monitor Mel's activity.

Under Gyendal's control, Stella wrecks the Orb of Light. Later he managed to capture Mel, but Edward and the others rescued her. Gyendal was defeated when Mel and Stella activated the Orb of Life, turning him human. Gyendal was then sentenced to prison for life in Thais, his magic blocked by anti-magic bracelets.

In The Lost Orb, Lydia came to Gyendal proposing an exchange. She will help him escape and find Mel if he helped her become Queen of Thais. Gyendal agrees and Lydia removes the anti-magic bracelets. Gyendal caused a commotion during the coronation, and Edward immediately ran off with Ulf to find Mel. It was never specified how Gyendal found Mel, but he presumably tailed Ulf and Edward.

Gyendal overhears about the Orb of Death and plans to use it. Nox then appears before him and hinted at him to alter his methods. Gyendal then disguised himself as Spook and managed to trick Mel into letting him join her travels. At the final confrontation, Gyendal very nearly succeeded in using the orb, were it not for Mel realizing the magic she had, enabling her friends to confront Gyendal. Defeated, he escaped before Ulf could use the anti-magic bracelet on him.

In The Darkthrop Prophecy, Gyendal seemed to lose interest on Mel altogether as he attempts to take over the world using the inhabitants of Underfall, but Mordred Darkthrop orders him to go find Mel.

He managed to lure her away to a secluded cabin after a monster attack in Shadwood Academy. With Stella being held hostage, Mel agrees to go with him. Upon reaching Underfall, he was told of Mordred's plans to send Mel to the Demon Realm.

We don't see much of him or find out if he had any other plans afterward. He pushes Mel into the demon portal, and tries to send her back when she returned, but Mel had the darklings imprison him. After Mordred Darkthrop was defeated, Gyendal was seen already free from jail and attempting to use the Staff of Destiny. Te'ijal shoots an arrow at him, sending both him and the Staff to the Demon Realm.

Gyendal's skillsEdit

  • Aveyond 3-Gates of Night:
    • Zombie Touch: Targets one party member only. Gain berserk status
    • Lightning Grid: Targets all party members. Causes physical damage
    • Curse of Despair: Targets all party members. Gain Cursed stat
  • Aveyond 3-The Lost Orb:
    • Touch of Madness: Targets one party member. Gain Berserk status
    • Shadow Curse: Targets all party members. Gain Cursed status
    • Vector Lightning: Physical damage to all party members