Glenvale is a village located in the far north of Candar, surrounded by snowy forests. It is claimed used to be one of the oldest and powerful kingdoms.


Glenvale was built long before Ahriman's Prophecy, and according to a priestess in the village, it used to be one of the oldest and powerful kingdoms of all the world, but fell for unknown reasons. Since then, the villagers led to a quiet yet peaceful life, unknowingly of their village's powerful history.

Ahriman's ProphecyEdit

While Talia and Devin are looking for a replacement for Frederick's brother, Wart, they met a clown named Jenkle in the village general store. The clown stated that no one in the village appreciated him, so he decided to travel with them to the circus and replace Wart.

People LifeEdit

Most of the male villagers work as miners. The villagers here are also kind to travelers, giving them a warm welcome to their home.