Founded by:
Leyrvo Ahma
First appearance:
Aveyond :Rhen's Quest
Notable citizens:
-Te'ijal Ravenfoot

-Galahad Teomes

-Gyendal Ravenfoot


Aveyond 1 - Rhen's QuestEdit


Ghed'ahre is known as the town of vampires in Halloween Hills, built by Leyrvo Ahma. It is the hometown of the vampress Te'ijal and the home of the Druid of Death. A common trend in this town is to have a ghost in every home. Not having one is "social suicide", as one vampress puts it. To enter this town, you must have a garlic necklace.

Aveyond 3 - The Orbs of MagicEdit

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Ghed'ahre is a dark vampire town in the Wyrm Forest. It has changed quite a bit since the events of Rhen's Quest, becoming much larger and with a higher population. It is still Te'ijal's hometown, and Galahad has moved in with her. Attractions include the Cathedral, the Vampire Guild and the Casino. Gowns for Lydia can also be bought here.