Founded Unknown
Founded by Unknown
Acreage Medium
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Political regime Subject to Eastern Empire
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First appearance Aveyond 1 Rhen's Quest

Ghalarah is a city in the world of Aveyond. It is located in the Eastern Empire Island.

The city appeared in only in Rhen's Quest, and is the first city to be reached after Rhen was enslaved.

Location Edit

The city is located in the middle of Eastern Island empire. It has tropical climate as the whole of the island, and is surrounded by tropical forests and swamps. The monsters here, though weak, can inflict poison on the player.

Game plot Edit

After Rhen was captured as a slave in her town, Clearwater, she was sold to the Tenobar household in Ghalarah. She was given menial tasks and humiliated (like other slaves in the town) and was subject to torment from their son, Lars. She accidentally used magic on Lars, and was spotted by emissaries from Shadwood academy who came to admit Lars, and they decided to enlist her as well.

Quests Edit

  • The first quest here is killing the spiders in the attic.
  • Rhen heads to Terlin's shop to pick up Lars' clothes.
  • Rhen is told to call Lars for supper.
  • Rhen is told to call Lars to prepare for the emissaries.
  • The priestess ring that was given to Rhen by Talia was taken when she was enslaved. It can be spotted in Ghalarah, but can be bought later in Veldarah.