Galahad Teomes
Biographical information
Born: 18 BY
Turned (Died): First time: 18 AY
Second time: 319 AY
Created by: First time: Te'ijal Ravenfoot
Second time: vampire Beatrice
Age: 34-36 in Aveyond 1 Rhen's Quest
337-339 in Aveyond 3 Orbs of Magic
Nationality: Sedonian and Ghed'ahrian
Physical information
Species: vampire
Gender: Male
Height: Tall
Hair color: blond (in Aveyond 1 version 1.0 and Aveyond 3), black (in Aveyond 1 version 2.0)
Eye color: dark blue
Skin color: normal human skin
Family and Friends
Family members:
Te'ijal Ravenfoot (wife)
Gyendal Ravenfoot (brother in law)
Aveyond heroes party (except Te'ijal)
Both mad Ravenfoot vampires: Te'ijal and Gyendal
Love interests:
the truth, justice
creatures of dark, evil, vampires, Te'ijal, magic (not believe)
slightly afraid of Te'ijal
Favorite color:
(not mentioned)
Personality, abilities
Basic vampire abilities
refusing human blood, very strong when upset
Sedona royal paladin, knight (destroys dark creatures)
Member of Rhen's group in Aveyond 1 Rhen's Quest
Member of Mel's group in the 1st and 2nd chapter of Aveyond 3 Orbs of Magic
Member of Stella's group (before) and Mel's group (later) in the last chapter
Behind the Scenes
First appearance:
Aveyond 1 Rhen's Quest, in Sedona castle
Voiced by:
Matthew Dalton

Good citizens under the sun know that magic does not exist!

——Galahad to Rhen before joining party


Aveyond 1: Rhen's QuestEdit

He first appeared as a royal Paladin to the king of Sedona. In the midst of the conversation with the party, he reveals he does not believe in magic. His adventures were triggered when as soon as Rhen visited the king, a knife flies by, barely missing the king's head. The king ordered them to find the person who tried to assassinate him and this is when Galahad requested to join them. As soon as the part of that quest was over, they were given an option whether to let him join permanently or not.

Now officially a member of Rhen's party, he unintentionally caught the eye of the vampress Te'ijal. This leads to a series of events that would eventually end up of them being married to each other. She steals his soul (via a Soul Pendant purchased from a necromancer who owns a shop in Veldarah) and she'd only release it so long as he agrees to marry her (an event that will take place in the Thais chapel). He does agree but only to end up in an unexpected loophole where in which, if he was already dead, his soul can no longer be possessed. In short, she turned him to a vampire. Their marriage would last for centuries.

Aveyond 2: Ean's QuestEdit

Galahad makes a cameo in Casket Hill (a town of the undead located in the Underworld/Land of the Dead) along with Te'ijal. They merely appear as characters that can only be talked to and having no significant role in the quest. Galahad is still complaining about being 'tricked into marrying Tei'jal' and being 'turned into a creature of the dark' .

Aveyond 3: Orb SeriesEdit

The Lord of TwilightEdit

Again, along with his wife, they have a major role in this story. It is mentioned by his wife that he still tries to escape her and for many centuries, he has been doing this. Upon her return, she finds Galahad on a "suicide mission" which is always doomed to fail since he was already dead. Te'ijal tells him of the Darkthrop prophecy involving the young, Mel. He agrees to help but only for the girl.

Later, they find out that Gyendal is planning to use the The Orb of Darkness, still curious why they want Mel for (at this time) she was not a mage. Later, they told Mel to meet them at Darkthrop Keep in Harburg. During in Darkthrop Keep, Gyendal caught them reading in the libraries where Gyendal sent Te'ijal away to the tower where she is to die at dawn as the sun rises. He ordered for him to let her go but when Gyendal tells him that he will be free of her forever, he tells them to burn her alone and goes down to the tavern. After contemplating for a while, he decided that he has to save Te'ijal knowing that she wasn't all that bad.

Gates of NightEdit

Galahad and Te'ijal persist with the party to finish the quest on finding the Orb of Light. After the unfortunate demise of the Orb of Light (due to Gyendal bespelling Stella and she accidentally dropped it), they proceeded to the Underworld to find the Orb of Life. In the ensuing battle, Mel used the orb, powered with Stella's magic to defeat him. However, it turned him human instead along with Galahad and Te'ijal. While Te'ijal showed disdain towards her being human again, Galahad was relieved.

The Lost OrbEdit

He and Te'ijal did not appear in this chapter in the meantime for they moved back to Sedona using Mel's ship and compass but letters sent to Mel by Te'ijal somewhat stated that she missed how he flirted with her since he was much more loving to her. This was one of her complaints of being human among other things such as the only smell of death was Galahad's boots - she polished them often.

Darkthrop ProphecyEdit

Stella and Edward, now planning to save Mel for she's taken away once again by Gyendal, go to Sedona where Galahad and Te'ijal currently lived. Te'ijal, more depressed than ever, did not like how Galahad was happier. Galahad was also working for the King again as a royal knight. He showed dominance to his wife by presenting a marriage contract that said so and she is to obey his every command. Despite it being dated, Stella said that it was still legitimate for they both signed it. They eventually joined Stella's party to find Mel. Along the way, Yemite, a darkling and the servant of Mel joined them since Edward refused to go without his friends.

They finally got to Mel at Underfall's cathedral where they saw her pushed to the Demon Realm portal. Galahad refused Te'ijal to become a vampire again after she said that it might be the only way for one of them to save Mel and come back unharmed. Beatrice, who owed her a favor was to bit her but bit Galahad instead and he was a vampire again (though not much has changed since Galahad did not drink and he looked the same, mortal or not). Galahad went on to the Demon Realm and arrived with Mel and co. as they prepare to fight the demon for the Staff of Destiny.

He and the others (with the exception of Uma and Nox who disappeared shortly afterwards) return to Underfall with a change in attitude due to being tainted during their stay in the realm. Te'ijal, curious of her husband who was not the same after his return asked the Oracle of him. She answered that he did not shed the blood of innocents and was pure of heart. After defeating Mordred Darkthrop, they used the Stone of Aya to bring them back to normal. Te'ijal asks for Galahad to turn her back into a vampire. Galahad refuses so she bites from his neck instead and 'curses herself' (the means of transfusion from a vampire was all that it needed). Quickly, she became pale and red-eyed once again. Galahad, yet again, commanded his wife and saying that she has given him a chance to order her around for eternity since he was her maker. In the end, he agreed to go back with her to Ghed'ahre on the condition that she not eat any more humans.


Galahad is a courteous and loyal person, perhaps due to his background as a royal guard. Usually the first to offer help in small quests at his (and his wife’s) inconvenience, his gallantry is often rewarded with respect and trust among his fellow party members. Galahad is seldom angry, but when he is, he becomes extremely powerful. He is also known to detest ‘creatures of the dark’ and all forms of evil, which explains his resentment at being turned into a vampire.


Galahad has blond hair and blue eyes. After transformig into a vampire, his skin tone and eye colour remained the same as he has yet to drink human blood.


His weapon of choice are swords. None of which are magical unlike fellow Sword Singing, party member, Rhen. In Lord of Twilight and Gates of Night, his strongest weapon is Thor. In The Darkthrop Prophecy, it is Justice.



Main article: Te'ijal and Galahad's relationship

Te'ijal's husband. They are often seen bickering and arguing teasingly, although he often lets Te'ijal win the fight. However, when Galahad is determined to bring about justice, he reminds his wife that she is legally abode to follow his orders. They have been together for centuries, and have turned one another into Vampires numerous times.


A friend and father-figure of Mel's. He is the one who offers to chaperone her to ensure her safety and is always there to come to her help if she needs it.


Despite being the most ill-tempered of all the girls, he still respected her like the maiden she was. He also protected her from Te'ijal's insistence to feed on her which was a reoccurring instance.


Brother-in-law of Gyendal, although Galahad does not like him very much.


He stated that he is the only Orc in which he did not have the urge to kill. Ulf "thanked" him for that.


Though a creature of the dark, he did not manage to outright despise her. He offered the imp to eat the cursed object that once covered Thornkeep.


When angry, Galahad has the ability to become extremely strong and powerful, which is utilized during battle.