Elinidana'ter'Lithir de Aramati
Biographical information
Born: about 27 to 17 BY
Age: 35-45 in Aveyond 1 Rhen's Quest
Nationality: Veldtorian
Hometown: Veldt
Physical information
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Height: normal tall
Hair color: gray white
Eye color: little blue gray
Skin color: sun-burnt brown
Family and Friends
Only four husbands "de Aramati", one of them is Pirate John de Aramati
Heroes party
Personality, abilities
Strong men, adventure
Mad Marge
Demon Summoning Magic
Can learn new summons by defeating demons
Weapon type:
Veldtorian noble, strong demon summoner.
Member of Rhen's group in Aveyond 1 Rhen's Quest
Behind the Scenes
First appearance:
Aveyond 1 Rhen's Quest, in the top Wildwoods mountain (Lookout Point)

Elini is a wild woman from Veldt. Handy with a whip and deviuos with a man, she is a worthy addition to your party.


Early LifeEdit

Elini was born in a noble house in Veldt.

Finding HusbandsEdit

While reaching adulthood, she learned a powerful kind of magic; the ability to summon demons. She also possesses a great knowledge about creatures around the world. After that, she set out to find husbands from all over the world. She managed to find three, but she is not yet satisfied and travelled to the Eastern Empire to search for one.

Meeting Rhen and LarsEdit

While she is in the Lookout Point at the top of the Wildwood Forest, she met two students from Shadwood Academy, Rhen and Lars. They exchanged words (she was annoyed at one point by Lars) and decides to join Rhen's party in hopes that she could find another husband.

Meeting Pirate JohnEdit

Rhen and the group encountered Pirate John, a prisoner in one of the huts on one of the Venaira Islands. Upon attempting to negotiate with the group for his freedom, Elini figured out that he was a man from Veldt, making Elini decide that he would be good husband material.

Marrying Pirate JohnEdit

Elini wanted to marry Pirate John, and he notices this. Elini did some things to make him attracted to her, including pouring a love potion on his head. Finally, John decides to marry her. He bought a wedding ring from Thais and married there.





Mad MargeEdit

Elini considers Mad Marge to be a rival, mainly one competing for Pirate John's affections. If the player chooses Tei'jal as leader and visits the player's house in Sedona, Elini will suggest that the vampress feed upon Mad Marge, as no one would likely miss her and she would be filling enough to last for days.


Lars wants Elini to want him for a husband, though he doesn't want to marry her. Much to Lars's chagrin, Elini frequently tells him that he is not her type. Lars is upset that she doesn't think he is "good enough" to be her husband. If the player makes Lars the leader of the party and goes to the Sedona house, an example of such a conversation can be seen.

Pirate JohnEdit




Other CharactersEdit


Demon SummoningEdit

Elini uses powerful magic that summons demons. Because it is powerful, it consumes a large amount of mana. Elini starts with three summoning spells, and gains new spells by defeating demons, namely the Daevas, but only if she is present during the battle. (Red demon is not obtained through this method, but rather from one of the doors in the basement of the Sun Shrine).

Skill Mana Usage




Imp 100 Single
Succubus 200 Single
Ravwyrn 200 Party
Nanghaithya 250 Single
Zarich 300 Single
Tawrich 500 Single
Indra 700 Single
Saurva 900 Single
Red Demon 300 Party
Agas 1000 Single
Aesma 1200 Single