Edward Pendragon
Biographical information
Born: 300 AY
Age: 19 in Aveyond Lord of Twilight and Aveyond Gates of Night
20 in Aveyond The Lost Orb

21 in Aveyond The Darkthrop Prophecy

Nationality: Thaisian
Hometown: Thais
Alias: (help)
Physical information
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: normal tall (slightly taller than Mel)
Hair color: brown
Eye color: Green
Skin color: normal human skin
Family and Friends
King William Pendragon
Mother: Queen Gwyneth Pendragon
Mel (canon), Lydia (divorced), Stella
Nox (possibly in the future) and Uma (possibly in the future)
Mel, Stella, Ulf
Gyendal, Lydia
Personality, abilities
farmer's life, chickens, Stella, Mel
royal life, royal duty (likes his ansector: Alicia Pendragon)
vampire, those things don't exit, Lydia (before)
Basic swordman abilities
Some magical sword skills (likes his ansector: Rhen Pendragon)
Weapon type:
sword, magic sword
War and Magic school's sword student, crown-prince of Thais, deported prince (by Lydia), Shadwood Academy's magic sword student, King of Thais (later)
Member of Mel's group (in the 1st three chapters)
Member of Mel's group (before) and Stella's group (later) (in the last chapter)
Behind the Scenes
First appearance:
Book 1:Lord of Twilight, in War and Magic school
Voiced by:
Jason Brock


Early lifeEdit

Student and his true friendshipEdit

Adventure finding Orb of LightEdit

First wedding and banishedEdit

Adventure rescue MelEdit


Edward dislikes his royal status and expresses the wish to not be a king. He wishes to be a chicken farmer instead. He also states that becoming king is akin to a death sentence, and one of the reasons that he joins Mel in her journey is to postpone his royal duties. He also dislikes being addressed with titles referring to his status, such as "M'lord". For instance, he reprimanded Lydia for calling him "M'lord". His dislike of royal responsibilities is a trait that he shares with his ancestors, Alicia and Rhen.

Edward is also known to be caring and thoughtful, such as when he accompanied Stella back to Thais after he and Mel first met her.

As stated by Mel, Edward is a troublemaker.


Edward equips heavy armors. Edward is given the sword Excalibur by his father. Excalibur's unique attribute is that it can be slotted with gemstones to enhance its strength and give it special properties. While Edward can wield other types of swords, Excalibur is his ultimate weapon in Lord of Twilight and Gates of Night. However, if there is no gemstone attached to Excalibur, then it would only be an ordinary weapon with low damage output. Furthermore, there are several gemstones which, when attached to Excalibur, would be upgraded into a more powerful version of the original, thus further enhancing Excalibur.

In The Darkthrop Prophecy, Edward wields Shard, a weapon that can be enhanced and grant its user the ability to learn magical abilities by placing it on a sword station, which can be found all over the Arishta Isles.




Edward and Mel had a friendship like no other that bloomed into romance later in the game. They had a rocky start because of Mel's disdain towards nobles, but the two grew to like each other.

Their wedding was sabotaged by Lydia in an attempt to take the throne. Mel leaves and Edward goes after her after the predicament.

It was shown that Edward showed clear signs of jealousy when Spook joined their party. Mel and Edward, despite their differences, seemed to be brought together by fate.

In the end, Mel and Edward finally marry at the end of The Darkthrop Prophecy.


Edward shows kindness towards Stella when the player first meets her, and they become very good friends.


Dislikes her for calling him m'lord (someone cork Lydia), hates it when she chases him, and of course when mel and lydia fight.



Edward thinks that Galahad is a good warrior.


His parentsEdit

Edward's parents are great rulers that want to retire, so they keep reminding Edward to find a bride.


Edward and Ulf are good friends.



Gyendal as SpookEdit

Nox Edit

Edward cannot see Nox when she appears in the Lost Orb talking with Mel. He could be her possible future father.

Uma Edit

Edward never sees Uma, but he may not have been able to anyway. He could be her possible future father.




In Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy, when Edward carries the Shard, and uses the sword station in Thornkeep Well, he learns fire magic.