Ean Okho
Biographical information
Born: 201 AY
Age: 17 in Aveyond 2 Ean's Quest
Hometown: Elfwood
Alias: Elf boy (by the Oracle)
Physical information
Species: Elf
Gender: Male
Height: not tall
Hair color: yellow brown
Eye color: yellow brown
Skin color: little white
Family and Friends
Unamed Okho parents
Iya Tiki
Iya (best friend), Rye ..
Snow Queen
Personality, abilities
playing with Iya in the forest
lost Iya
shapeshifter's abilities
can taking on many forms (7 forms)
forager in Vale Oldwoods, a shapeshifter
Co-leader of Aveyond 2 Ean's Quest group (with Iya)
Behind the Scenes
First appearance:
Aveyond 2 Ean's Quest, at his house in Elfwood
Ean Okho is the main character of Aveyond 2. He is a small young elf who lives on a secluded island called The Vale. Iya Tiki is his best friend, and when she goes missing, he goes looking for her.


Early lifeEdit

Ean was born in Elfwood and grew up with Iya Tiki. He's usually thinking about his future. He is small and considers himself weak, though Iya disagrees. Ean is a forager in Elfwood. One day, after collecting honey for his mom to bake with, he goes to bed and has a strange dream involving Iya's earnest voice. When he awakens to find snow all over Elfwood, he does not find her. He asked the Elder Oak in the Oldwoods forest for help, and the tree leads him into the strange Land of Man, starting the quest to find Iya.


Iya's DisappearanceEdit

At the beginning of the game, Ean is set with the task to meet Iya at the Elder Oak in the Oldwoods. Bad news arrives when she says she failed her magic test. He walks her home and asks his mom for some biscuits. His mom tells him that she needs some honey, so they go to the Hive to get some. After the small journey, they bid each other good night.

In a dream sequence, Iya is shown in the Dreamworld talking to the Snow Queen, who charms her into falling for the queen's bait of passing the singing test. Iya hesitates, but the Snow Queen catches her quickly and disappears.

The next day, Ean wakes up to some surprising news. The Vale had witnessed its first snowfall, and everyone is both shocked and pleased. He goes to his mom to ask permission to go to Iya's. His mom blankly asks who this girl is. Shocked, Ean explains who Iya is but his mother refuses to believe that Iya Tiki exists.

He hurriedly went to Iya's, talking to her mother and asking about her. She didn't know who Iya was, either. He went to Iya's old room, which was bare of anything - the bed, the cupboards, and all of Iya's possesions. Ean removed a loose floorboard where Iya kept her most treasured things, and saw Iya's hair ribbon underneath. Now he was sure that he wasn't going crazy, that Iya Tiki had mysteriously disappeared in one night, and that her existence was wiped out of everyone's memory.

The Elder OakEdit

Ean consults with a few of the village Elders about a problem, and they all told him to ask the Elder Oak. .

He went to the Elder Oak and addresses Iya's disappearance to it, but no one answered. Irritated and helpless, he demanded an answer. This time, the Elder Oak spoke of Iya's location and status. Then the Elder Oak's face was replaced by a portal, into which Ean enters.

The Land of ManEdit

Ean falls out of the portal into the Land of Man, in a forest where it is raining heavily. He turns back to the Elder Oak, only to be confronted by a stubbornly silent tree. Only a singer can open up the portal to The Vale. Near the base of the tree, there is a chest with a canoe, and Ean hurriedly exits the clearing he was in. He places the canoe onto a river and travels north, to the Spire Mountains. He travels through some caverns until, finally, he reaches the Snow Queen's lair and where Iya was supposedly being held - the city of Shaenlir.


As Ean enters Shaenlir, people comment on the new princess the Snow Queen had adopted, and how Ean has similar ears to the new princess. His curiosity piqued, he pays a visit to Shaenlir castle, only to be denied entrance as there was an event going on.

Unfazed, he goes to a nearby house and steals some servant clothing. He then goes back to the castle and easily enters via the servants' entrance. After much twists and turns, he finally finds Iya in her room, waiting for the Snow Queen's summons. Ean hurriedly explains about Iya's true identity, her true home, who he is, and why they should escape. Iya does not believe him, and shuns him away, warning him that if he comes back she'll send the guards on him.

Dejected, Ean goes to a corner to think. Coincidentally, he overhears the Snow Queen and her general talking about their plans of today's event, and as the Snow Queen turns she leaves behind an ornate mirror. Ean takes it and looks into the mirror, only to see the Snow Queen freezing everyone in the event - kings and queens and prominent lords and ladies of every nation in the Mainland. The Snow Queen orders for Iya to be brought over so she could sap the remaining powers off the unknowing elf.

Ean hurriedly returns to a very irritated Iya. He shows her the mirror, which now shows some soldiers coming upon Ean's secret entrance by the kitchen and telling everyone to capture Iya alive. Mortified, Iya decides to go with Ean, but they are both held up by two soldiers. Ean urges Iya to use her magic, but she refuses, saying that she didn't have magic. Ean still urges her, and Iya sends raw magic upon the two soldiers, knocking them out cold. Not having enough time to savor upon her discovery of magic, Ean and Iya go to the kitchen and slip into a secret tunnel Iya knows. Iya locks the door with her magic and slips out of her princess gown, taking on traveller's clothes Ean found at the entrance of the secret tunnel. Reassured that they won't be followed, Ean packs the mirror in his bag and continues out the tunnel.


Ean has a good, funny and mature character style. He is also brave in rescuing his best friend Iya from the snow queen. As the story develops, he develops more feelings for Iya while they are on adventures together.


Ean has mousy brown hair and brown eyes.



Crush and best friend 

Later, his wife

Snow QueenEdit




other members in teamEdit



As an ordinary elf, Ean was quick and agile.In fact, the only one moved faster than him was the thief, Jack.However, one of his true remarkable ability was to shape-shift.Not only to something,which everyone can achieve,but also back to his original self, and kept his mind while transforming. Ean could use a various of weapon, form knives to claws.In the novel, when he was in elf form, he could also wield a sword or a rapier.