Devin "Perry" Pendragon
Biographical information
Born: about 20-30 BY
Age: about 14-19 in Ahriman's Prophecy
less than 48 in Aveyond 1 Rhen's Quest
Nationality: Thaisian
Hometown: Elden, Thais
Physical information
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: tall
Hair color: blue
Eye color: brown
Skin color: white
Family and Friends
Lydia Perry
Alicia Pendragon
Rhen Pendragon (daughter)
Talia Maurva , AP heroes party
Prince Zorom, dark lord Ahriman
Personality, abilities
Alicia Pendragon , adventure
boring life, thief
Basic swordman abilities
Sword skills
Weapon type:
Former Blacksmith apprentice, Knight, King of Thais
Co-leader of Ahriman's Prophecy group
Behind the Scenes
First appearance:
Ahriman's Prophecy, in the Barba Blacksmith

Biography Edit

Early LifeEdit

Earlier, before Talia has her morning tea with her grandmother, Devin, who works as a blacksmith under Barbar, the village blacksmith in Elden, warns her about "Mad Avrail" and that she shouldn't look at her in the eyes. But then he shrugs it off and says that he was only joking.

Joining Talia's Party

When Talia asks for someone to accompany her to the mainland, Devin volunteered, saying that he "won't allow one of our women to go into the mainland alone". This earned him respect from fellow smith Billy, who says that Devin is braver than him, though this line also earned Devin contempt from fellow smith Jared, who says that Devin is a fool.

Lydia, Devin's sister, also opposes because she dislikes Talia, but Devin pays no attention, saying that "my sister's fights are her own." Talia's grandmother approves of Devin, saying, "Devin Perry, see that no harm comes to my granddaughter!"

Defeating AhrimanEdit


Devin Perry is a stalwart friend, although he can be a little hasty in his actions, as when Lord Zorom kidnapped the princess, he vounteered to go after her and save her from Lord Zorom without giving it a second thought. He is determined to do the right thing and to protect others even when it is difficult, such as when fighting the succubus instead of letting his friends sacrifice themselves. The law is important to him, as seen by his initial disdain of the thief Jack.





Devin Pendragon is Talia's childhood friend.  He promises to protect her as she goes to fulfill Ahriman's Prophecy and destroy Ahriman.  Where Talia is mild and somewhat unwilling to fight Ahriman, Devin yearns for adventure and never wants to return home.  Devin and Talia fall in love, but have to part ways when Talia becomes the Dreamer.

Ahriman's Prophecy (AP): Though the canon of the Aveyond universe has Devin marrying Alicia, taking Thais' throne, and giving birth to Rhen Pendragon, within the game AP, the player can have Devin can marry Talia. In Aveyond, Devin claims that he and Talia were in love before Talia became the Dreamer,

Aveyond: In Aveyond, Talia takes Devin to Aveyond after finding him as a hermit in the woods.  When Rhen chooses to claim her heritage and becomes queen of Thais, Talia and Devin can spend the rest of eternity together because Devin becomes a druid.



Ahriman's Prophecy (AP): Alicia is Devin's fellow adventurer and then, much later, lover (canon).  In AP, the player can marry the two through a series of actions (in canon, this marriage takes place much later, after Talia has become the Dreamer).  Devin admires Alicia's boisterousness, and the two quarrel, sometimes playfully and other times not.  Alicia challenges Devin's conventional idea that effeminate princesses fall for brave knights; Alicia is something of a knight herself, and possibly a feminist character. Alicia's more adventurous nature may contribute to Devin falling in love with her after Talia has become the Dreamer.

Aveyond:  Alicia is killed by Ahriman or his forces when the demon discovers that she has given birth to a child destined to defeat him, and the throne of Thais is left empty when Devin is apparently magically transported to a cabin in the woods.  However, Alicia and Devin's daughter, Rhen, remains to challenge Ahriman.  Rhen takes after Alicia's strength and both her parents' talents with swords.


Devin must somewhat care for Frederick as he does not allow the lizard to sacrifice himself to the Succubus


Devin initially considers Jack to be street scum, a lowly thief.  Whereas Devin takes the high road of morality, Jack lives by deceit and cleverness, which Devin thinks cowardly.  Jack in turn finds Devin dull and pompous.  This is a typical duality between the two characters' archetypes.