Bogwood is the witches' village in Aveyond 2. It is the home place of Gavin Morven and nymph Heptitus

Location Edit

Bogwood can be reached by heading south on the crossroad in Graystone pass after heading east from Thais (heading straight west will lead to Seri). It is situated beyond Toadstump March.

Quests Edit

  • Gavin Moren is a warlock who can join the party. He dislikes nobility, and player has to choose between him and Nicolas.
  • Heptitus, the nymph of wickedness, is needed to give Iya her blessings, but will not do it without bringing her a casting agent.
  • Helga needs a frog to get her warts back. The frog is found is found in north east Toadstump march. Helga will give you a softening cream (which can be used on Jack in the Thais sewers)
  • Hilda wants Calliope’s wand, so she can put a love spell on Gavin. The wand is east of the entrance of Toadstump march, and the resulting scene gives an attraction point between Ean and Iya.
  • A girl has a mysterious box. If Gavin is in the party, he will give to Ava and it raises the attraction between them. If Nicholas is in the party, he’ll either take it for himself and raise an attraction point after humiliating him, or throw it away (losing the attraction point)