Aveyond The Lost Orb is chapter 3 of Aveyond 3 Orbs of Magic series.


Mel's worst day everEdit

In the intro, a woman with a baby is pursued by a group of Darklings. Her name is Rayina. They want to take her baby so “the Darkthrop will rule the world” and the prophecy is fulfilled. Then Rayina changes into a bird and flies off with the baby – she’s a changeling! Cut to Thais, the day of the wedding. The start of the game varies slightly according to which of the girls Edward proposed to in your previous game. If you’re starting a new game, Edward is marrying Mel. Well, that was the plan anyway… In essence, the wedding takes place: vows are exchanged and Edward and his bride are declared husband and wife. But as Edward kisses his bride, Mel charges into the church (with Stella, if you had Edward propose to her at the end of Gates of Night)! But if that is the bride, then who did Edward marry? It turns out to be Lydia. She stuck the bride in a locked cupboard and married Edward instead. And what’s worse – the vows are legal, and Edward and Lydia ARE married. Suddenly a ghostly figure appears, speaking of destiny. However, only Mel sees her. Mel decides she must be tired. For the next few actions the game varies slightly according to the different storylines.

Alone to Peliad and new young memberEdit

Thais' coup and Gyendal's ecaptionEdit

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Important charactersEdit

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Playable CharactersEdit

As the scion of the Darkthrop line, her right to the Darkthrop Orbs of Magic is both her curse and saviour. Just after stopping a power-hungry vampire from plunging the world in Darkness, she learns that the last and most powerful of the Orbs of Magic exists on another continent. Determined that no other Darkthrop will suffer her fate, she sets off for Eldrion to seek and destroy this seemingly last piece of her cursed heritage.

The fourteen-year-old is a novice magician looking to make it big and get her apprenticeship done with in the fastest way possible so that she may become a full-fledge magician. To that end, she persuaded her way into Mel’s party, because she saw that Mel was on a quest and very likely to go to places where she can learn new magic tricks. Because she’s a Peliad local, she is a fountain of information about the town and its surroundings, proving her worth to the party more than once, when her magic tricks improve with each usage.

Shortly after he was married at the beginning of the game, Edward found himself summarily exiled from his kingdom, with his bride annulling their marriage and declaring herself sole regnant. While not wanting to accept responsibility of running a kingdom so young before this, he is nevertheless furious at having his rightful place robbed so thoroughly. However, he believes at the moment that Mel’s quest takes precedence, especially when the dangerous ex-vampire, Gyendal, escaped the Thais prison swearing vengeance against Mel. He is noticeably jealous of newcomer Spook’s attentions to Mel, and believes that Spook will one day steal Mel from him.

Born a sparrow familiar, Yvette has successfully mastered shapeshifting into a human when the party met her. As a familiar, they are drawn to magical mysteries, puzzles, fun and danger, so naturally, when Mel’s party approached for her help, she couldn’t say no, especially when more and more dangerous fun presents itself during the course of their journey. Her life’s ambition is to learn all the available bird forms, and she has a weird taste in human males such as Hercales and Edward.

Having no more home to go to after being wrongly accused of his father’s murder, Ulf stayed on in Thais and is quite close to Edward. He was one of the few eye-witnesses of Gyendal’s escape, and accompanied Edward to protect Mel. However, when they reached the animal village of Harakauna, the desire for a home and normalcy led Ulf to accept an apprenticeship to an alchemist, and he leaves the party. However, he is by no means gone, and when the party is in need of his skills, he will not hesitate to lend a hand to the few people who are kind to him.

Although he claims that he’s native to Peliad, June is quite sure she’s never seen him around town before. He first met Mel when helping her liberate something, and he’s been rather helpful to her. However, Mel refuses his request to leave her aquintances and let him accompany her on her quest alone. As a compromise, he reluctantly joins the party temporarily during the last leg of their journey, where he removed quite a number of obstacles.he is known to like Mel a lot!! But it's never told if Spook is real, or if he was Gyendal all along.

Mel's group TLO

The Party in Aveyond: The Lost Orb

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