Aveyond The Darkthrop Prophecy is chapter 4 and the last chapter of Aveyond 3 Orbs of Magic series.


Aveyond adventure games take place in the world of Aia where unconventional heroes explore diverse lands completing quests. In the fourth installment of the Orbs of Magic series, Mel has gone into hiding after she discovers she can use magic. To make matters worse, wicked creatures called Darklings keep popping up, convinced that Mel is the prophesied one who will build a dark empire for them. Edward, the ousted heir to the throne of Thais, who is also Mel’s best friend, eventually finds her hiding in the village of Harakauna. To her dismay, he’s brought along two professors from a school of magic called Shadwood Academy. After seeing Mel’s potential, the professors refuse to leave without her. Mel agrees to go with them, but only if Edward accompanies her. Edward is dismayed, but agrees to put the dispute for his throne aside, and train with Mel in the far away Arishta Isles, where Shadwood Academy is located.

Playable CharactersEdit

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Stella's group (Mortal Realm)Edit

Stella's group TDP

Stella's hero group.

Mel's groupEdit

Mel woke up in the cottage she shares with Yvette in Harakauna. Yvette asked her to find flies for a birthday recipe. As she was gathering flies, two darklings suddenly appeared and called her mistress insisting for her to go with them. She refused and just then Edward appears with two strangers come to the rescue and destroy the darklings. The strangers happens to be professors in Shadwood Academy of Magic and they recognize Mel's potential gift of magic and insisting that she follows them to the academy to study magic. She insists that she will only go if Edward comes to thus begins Mel's days as a mage and as she progressed a lot of unexpected event happens along the way.

  • Uma, light mage

Not much is known about Uma as she only exists around Mel. Her age is also unknown. Her personality is opposite of Nox and it may be that both Uma and Nox are actually twins. She has  very powerful healing abilities which is quite the opposite of Nox abilities, but her melee attacks are not very strong. She is against Nox leading Mel to fulfill the prophecy

  • Nox, dark mage

The existence of Nox is also as mysterious as Uma as at first she can only be seen and heard by Mel alone and not the others. Nox wields an axe and has few spells to use, but very powerful when her level is high enough. She wants Mel to fulfill the Darkthrop Prophecy.

Yemite are Mel's personal servants that only listens to her master orders and not the others. She beats 362 other darklings in a howling contest to become Mel's protector. Whenever Mel's is hurt in the battle she will constantly heal her no matter what you tell her to do. She doesn't seem to show any interest towards any other person except Mel.

Mel's group TDP

Mel's 'hero' group.

Other charactersEdit

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Fourth and the last part of Aveyond 3 Orbs of Magic series
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