Aveyond Lord of Twilight is chapter 1 of theOrbs of Magic series.


Early life and the cursed has startedEdit

The story began 200 years before the game starts, in a dark night the evil sorcerer Mordred Darkthrop tried to complete his orb to create a dark empire but he was stoped by his son, Tunsten. Tunsten told his wife, Rayina, to save herself because he wanted to destroy the Darkthrop lineage, but Rayina seemed to know that Tunsten wasn't the last Darkthrop. And so Tunsten with his power made a huge explosion to destroy him and his father.

After 200 years, a new heir of Darkthrop appeared, it is Mel, a thief that lived on the streets of Harburg, a forest city in the eastern province, she escaped from an orphanage, the place where she lived after her parents died. One night, Boden, Mel's boss, told her that a client has requested her services for 100 gold coins and she took the job, her greatest mistake. Mel went to her client, a man in a red coat with two other men, and was she sent to bring to him an orb from Darkthrop Keep.

Mel went to Darkthrop keep and found the orb in the sewer and when she put her hands on the orb then it began to glow, it was stange, the orb felt familiar. After that she took the orb and went back to the client but he took the orb and his thugs caught Mel, then a portal opened to the client's home. Mel was in great danger but two arrwos turned the men into ash, a stranger helped her, a woman with red hair, she said that the client is her brother, Gyendal, and fought against him. After Gyendal disappeared in he portal, the woman explained Mel that all this men were vampires and she was also a vampire, her name is Te'ijal (she was an character from Aveyond1). Te'ijal said that Mel was the heir of Darkthrop, that she gave his brother an orb with which he could distroy light and that the only hope is to escape in the kingdom of Thais.

Mel and Te'ijal tried to flee through the Thail mountains but two vampire thugs blocked the way, so Te'ijal gave Mel a letter for a man named Ulaf who is at the School of War and Magic in Thais. Tei'jal distracted the attention of the vampires so that Mel could go to Thais.

Fled to Thais and the best days of Mel's lifeEdit

Mel fled to Thais and went to the School of War and Magic where she found headmaster Ulaf, but he couldn't help Mel, she wasn't a mage or a fighter, however a student, his name is Edward, overheard the conversation and propose to send Mel in professor Gray's class, headmarster Ulaf agreed and Edward brought her to Gray's study.

Professor Gray accepted to train her but with one condition, she must take a statue from Ely Habsbren's house and bring it back to him. It wasn't easy but Edward helped her to become one of Gray's students, she became a spy.

Meanwhile, Te'ijal looked for her husband, Galahad, and found him in the forest fighting with skeletons, after wining the battle, Te'ijal convinced him to save the humans from Gyendal, known as the Lord of Twilight.

The strange comet and friendshipEdit

Back to Thais, Mel had to do a job for Gray, she had to find a spy on the king's ball, but on the ball she found Edward in the king's office. Mel wanted to arrest him, then Lydia came and revealed that Edward is the prince of Thais. Edward tried to explain Mel why he kept this secret, but in this moment a comet appaered and landed at the old ruins, Mel promised Edward to see what hapened with the comet the next day. And before she went back to Gray, Mel saw Lord Wallace in the qeen's office, he was the real spy, and she informed Gray after that.

The next day, Mel and Edward went to the old ruins where they found a injured girl, Edward took the girl to Thais while Mel searched the after the comet and found a ring with the name Stella inside of it, it was the girl's. Mel gave the ring to Stella at the temple where she was cured, but it was late, the night came.

Meanwhile in Ghed'ahre, Tei'jal and Galahad overheard Gyendal's speech, they learned that Mordred created two orbs, The Orb of Darkness and The Orb of Light. The Orb of Light was in Naylith, but Gyendal killed the guardian and the only way to move the orbs from thier pleaces is that a Darkthrop moves them. Both leaved the underworld to save Mel, because she was the key to activate Gyendal's orb and he was going to kidnap her.

In that night, Mel was attacked by vanpires, but escaped because of the holy water of Tei'jal. At her house Tei'jal and Galahad explained her that she is the key of the orbs and that she must go to Naylith, to find the second orb. After that they went back to Harburg to search how to activate the orbs because Mel wasn't a mage. Then Stella appeared and told Mel that she was followed by vampires and she might be a Darkthrop. Mel and Stella decided to go to Naylith the next day.

Journey to Naylith SummitEdit

Mel and Stella met at the gate but Edward apeared and he covinced them to come in thier journey. They went to Naylith Summit but it wasn't a way to Naylith, then Edward asked Mel about the truth because he didn't belive that they can walk to Naylith. Mel told him the truth but he thought the she lied to him and went away. Stella discovered after that a crack in a wall, there was a secret room, she suggested to buy some dynamite from Gheledon.

In a shop, Mel bought the dynamite and a few seconds after that Edward came back because it was better to go on a "mad quest" than to go back to Thais.

Using the dynamite, they discovered a secret room where they found a journal which said that the only way to Naylith is to get the quarter keys, in the room Mel found also sunsceen for Te'ijal.

Back to HarburgEdit

Mel decided to go to Harburg because Te'ijal could help them to find the quarter keys. On theier way to Harburg, the night falls, at Darkthrop Keep Te'ijal and Galahad found in Mordred's notes something about the activation of the orbs but Gyendal appeared with his thugs. Te'ijal was tied at a window so that she burn to death at dawn and Gyendal convinced Galahad to let Te'ijal to die. Galahad went to a tavern, there he spoke with two men about his wife and realized that she wasn't so bad as he thought. He wanted to help his wife but there were too many vampires, then he smelled Mel, he had a chance to help Te'ijal.

After that, Mel's party met with Galahad, they went to Darkthrop Keep where they killed the vampire guards. They reached Te'ijal but the sun came up, she and Galahad were doomed, but Mel found the sunscreen and that saved them.

Mel told Te'ijal about Stella, Naylith Summit and the quarter keys, theier journey become more complicated, they decided to get the nearest key, it was somewhere in the snowy north.

The adventure really startsEdit

The journey continued, one of the quarter keys was in the Istir Forest but there wasn't a way to go, it was only ice, but Mel and her friends fount near a cave a wounded merchant, some bandits had stolen his merchant pass, they wanted to help him to get his card key back.

The bandits weren't a problem to defeat, but going back to the merchant they saw him dead, the merchant pass was theier now, it was useful because it unlocked the secret way to the Sinoa Plains. In the west of Sinoa Plains, there was Stormbend, a peaceful harbor city, but two groups of pirates were fighting and disturbing the peace. Edward wanted to help but he couldn't do anything, the pirates had also stolen all the ships so that none can buy any.

In Stormbend, Mel learned to ice skate so that her party can go through the Istir Forest. In the snowy forest, they found the Quin Castle, there had to be the quarter key, there wasn't anybody, only a sleeping pricess, she seems to be cursed, Edward proposed to go back to civilization and to find out what happened.

In Thais, Mel told Rita, a reporter from Thais News, about the sleeping princess. The story was soon in every city known, many princes were at Quin Castle to try theier luck. Anyway, Mel's party searched how to awake the princess and found out that Heptitus was behind the story, she blinded the man that loved the princess, he was the only one who can awake her.

The party went in Sinoa Plains and found Eston, a blinded man, he was cursed by Heptitus. After giving him eye drops, he went to Quin Castle, there he kissed his love and Beauty awakened, she gave as a reward the quarter key to Mel's party. Heptitus was then really angry, she attacked them but was defeated, in the last moment she stole the key and she vanished. Edward suggested to go back in Thais to ask his father for help because he knew the wicked way of Heptitus.

Here it ends Aveyond: Lord of Twilight, but the story is not over yet.

Important charactersEdit

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Playable CharactersEdit

Mel is a young orphan who picked pockets for a living at her hometown of Harburg. A twist of fate (or her Darkthrop ancestry) embroiled her in a plot for supremacy, and she is now forced to flee for her life, while searching for a way to neutralise this threat to her very survival.

The current heir apparent to the Thais throne, Edward is, however, leery of the responsibilities which would one day be his. As a last ditch attempt to experience all that he can before his parents’ retirement, he half-forced, half-cajoled his friend Mel to take him on her journey, however dangerous or nonsensical it appears to be, prefering even to be on a make-believe quest of hers than to be stuck in Thais Castle awaiting his day of doom.

Stella is a young girl with amnesia who was found at the two-thousand-year-old ruins of an empire after she was seen falling from the sky. Despite her memory loss, she is a sweet natured girl who is the peacekeeper of the group (when she actually dares to voice her opinions). She is suspected to be a Darkthrop descendant as well.

In spite of having a fondness for blood, Te’ijal is nevertheless disapproving of her brother’s plot against the daywalkers. Thus, she tries to frustrate Gyendal’s plans at every turn, and therefore tried to shield Mel, the key to all her brother’s plans, from harm. She is still trying to persuade her husband to eat, though he still staunchly refuses to succumb. Plotwise, her importance in the game is second only to Mel.

While Galahad seems reconciled in the marriage he was forcibly contracted in Aveyond 1 Rhen's Quest, he still refuses to accept his vampirism. He was on yet another escape/suicide mission when Te’ijal recruits him in a plan to overthrow her ambitious brother. Hoping to help the humanity he once was, he agreed, and has been a faithful champion of the party ever since.

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Other charactersEdit

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