Aveyond Gates of Night is chapter 2 of Aveyond 3 Orbs of Magic series.


After fighting Heptitus and losing , Mel and her friends went to King William of Thais to ask his advice.

First Quarter KeyEdit

The First Quarter Key was a present from the sleeping beauty they saved from the Heptitus who stoled the quarter key from them after a fight. So they returned to Thais to ask King William's advice . And they realized that they must distract Heptitus somehow . So they helped witches finding their sweets that will be given to the children to save them from the little monsters . And the party wait the ariving of the children . When they arived every witch were scared and they were hiding from the little monsters .That was the moment when Mel and her friends got back the First Quarter Key from the Heptitus . After the leaving of the children Heptitus were convinced that the children took her Quarter Key she stolen.

Second Quarter keyEdit

Third Quarter keyEdit

Fourth Quarter keyEdit

Naylith Edit

So now they were heading with the last Quarter Key to Naylith Summit. They placed it in its place and received a brown egg . Not knowing what to do with it they went to Moo Hatchery to Hatch the egg . When it was hatched from it appeared a big black bird that were chased off by Proffesor Moo. Returning at Naylith Summit they found the bird on a big cage. They entered in it and the bird starts to flew carrying them at the top of the Mountain where they found the forest that leads to Naylith . They were climbing on a hill when Stella stops walking and remembered that there was the place where Gyendal pushed her off the mountain and then remembered how he cut's off her wings . So they stop talking and starts to walk till they reached Naylith where they found an old friend : Hercules wich was employed by the Naylithians to kill a beast from the Light Orb's cave . In the cave they found Hercules that stars begging them to kill the beast . They said that would think about it and continue walking until deep in cave they found the beast staying in the way . So they did not have any choice only to fight it. So the fight starts and when the beast was dying Hercules came and finished it , taking again credit from our heroes deed . Keeping walking they didn't find anything only just a dead end , but Stella came and opened a secret door (knowing the placevery well) . Entering the door they found the orb . Mel puts her hands on it and it starts glowing , she hands the or to Stella who dropped it and broke it. Not knowing what to do now they were heading to the Oracle to ask her advice.

The OracleEdit

Going to the Oracle to ask her advice they encountered a blizzard storm and they were they had to take refuge in a cave . In the morning Stella was missing and they convinced them selves that she was already at the Oracle so they continue they journey until they reached Aveyond where they found the Oracle. Mels tells the Oracle her story . The oracle starts searching in her library an found a book where she reads that Darkthrop made Four Orbs : The Orb Light , The Orb of Dark , The Orb of Life and The Orb of Death . So they found out that the Orb of Life is in a cave near the Ghed'are (a city of vampires) . Oracle ha also said that Stella was in great danger and she is gonna die if they will not save her .They searched for Stella and they found her in a cave almost dead. Lydia warms Stella with her magic and when they were about to leave the cave Gyendal appears and captured Mel. He also left his death certificate behind when he took Mel in Ghed'are.

Journey to the UnderworldEdit

After quest Edit

After the quest, they returned to Thais with the Orb of Life, where the Oracle and priestesses used it to revive Stella. Gyendal was sent to the Thais prison. Te'ijal and Galahad (now human) returned to Sedona, the place where Galahad lived before being a vampire. Mel re-started her studies and starts planning her wedding with Edward. Ulf having nowhere to go he stayed in Thais. Stella remained with the priestesses helping them around and Lydia starts planning what to do to retrieve Edward back.

Important charactersEdit

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Playable CharactersEdit

Mel is a spy who is on an extended leave from school to go on a quest to stop the vampire Gyendal from using her to plunge the Overworld with darkness. As the scion of the Darkthrop line, her birthright is both her curse and saviour. While cynical and mistrustful at first, she gradually learns to let others in, her friend Edward in particular, and may grow to feel more than friendship for him.

The current heir apparent to the Thais throne, Edward finds it more fun gallivanting around Aia with Mel and their odd band of friends than get stuck in his father’s castle being the Crown Prince. He dislikes being called m’lord, especially by his fellow schoolmates, which is how he starts off the game with a close friendship with Mel, the first person who is definitely not impressed by his royal blood. He has been issued an ultimatum by his mother: find a bride by the end of the adventure, or she will find one for him.

Stella is an amnestic young girl who seems to hold a vague connection to vampires who were hunting her down prior to her being discovered by Mel and Edward. She is suspected to be a Darkthrop descendant as well. Despite being a kind and gentle soul, what secrets could her lost memory be hiding?

A distant relation to Edward through both their parents, Lydia is determined to become the next Queen of Thais despite finding Edward boring, even if she also finds him cute as well. When she heard Queen Gwyneth’s ultimatum to her son Edward, she made up her mind to follow the party and make sure the close friendship she has seen between Mel and Edward doesn’t deepen into something more.

Being alternatively amused and serious, Te’ijal is the fountain of knowledge among the party, having lived longer than anyone else in the party. Even though she isn’t supposed to eat any party member (though there were no promises made to that effect), she does enjoy implying that she would eat others. She takes unholy pleasure in tempting her husband, Galahad to feed as well, particularly on Lydia. She has more reason than most of the party to see this quest to its completion, because she is a vampire, and she is sister to the Lord of Twilight.

Despite his half-vampirism, Galahad still refuses to succumb to his wife’s temptation to complete his vampiric transformation by eating a human. Since he rescued her from certain death, he’s been given plenty of time to repent as Te’ijal resumed her campaign throughout their journey. He, however, holds out, while assisting the party as they try to complete their quest. He may now believe in magic, but he still hates the supernatural world he inhabits.

Being the shortest but smartest orc in the Orcish Kingdom, Ulf has been an outcast among his people long before he was framed for a crime he didn’t commit. After escaping the Orc Prison with the party’s help, he had no choice but to follow them on their quest. His intelligence proves useful as he becomes an invaluable party member, and he is especially comforted to know that his thick orcish skin will prevent Te’ijal from taking a bite.

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