Aveyond 2 Ean's Quest is the sequel to Aveyond 1 Rhen's Quest, the second part of the Aveyond series. Aveyond 2 focuses on Ean, a young elf living in a town called Oldwoods three generations after Rhen Pendragon and her party defeat the dark lord Ahriman.


In this game, there is a major difference between this game and Aveyond: Rhen's quest. Well, lots of differences. This one is doable with the guarantee that there is goodie caves. Aveyond 1's goodie caves can only be accessed through Build B. You have a choice between choosing a dark mage or a light mage, though Iya was the ability to use both types of magic, but it would be helpful to have one of them. This game is also based off of the book "The Snow Queen." By Hans Christian Andersen. But in this game, the boy is the one saving the girl, and once together they set out to stop the Snow Queen. Also, you don't have the pleasure of buying all the great healing items that you would like to have. Now Elixirs, Tinctura Hyperciums, and Myrica infusions. Agility is an extra feature in this game. And I'm afraid there is no speed item. Maybe if the leader's agility is insanely high, the character will go faster but highly doubtful. When I said this one was doable I meant because in the first one, Ahriman's lair's monsters are extremely hard, even if all your characters are at level 90, it still takes time to defeat those monsters. And lastly, this game has some bright and vibrant colors. 

The PlanEdit

The Land of ManEdit

Finding IyaEdit

Ean arrives in the Imperial City of Shaenlir after climbing the cold Spire Mountains. He headed towards Shaenlir Castle but was not allowed by the guards to enter the premises; he now had to find a way to enter the castle.

After finally gaining the permission to enter the castle, Ean headed inside and began to search for Iya Tiki. During the search, kings and queens of different kingdoms (except the Sultan of Seri) gathered in a ball organized by the Snow Queen and is used as a trap for her to successfully rule the world. As soon as Ean met Iya, he tried to convince her that she was going to be in danger if she didn't escape. Iya didn't believed Ean.

As Ean was walking down the hallway, he saw the Snow Queen and her soldier. They were talking about there plan to absorb all of Iya's magic. Once they left the Snow Queen dropped a mirror of truth. Ean hurried back to Iya's room to show her the truth. Iya was convinced, but then the guard came in to take Iya.

The ProphecyEdit

Journey to the EastEdit

Heptitus and the Wickedness BlessingEdit

The party will meet Heptitus when they enter Bogwood. Her house is the first to be seen in Bogwood. The party will enter her house, and Iya will ask for her wickedness blessing. She refused at first, but she said that if the party help her enter the actor's guild, she will give Iya her wickedness blessing. She does not have an actor guild's card to join the actor's guild. The actor's guild card could be obtained from Mimpsey Mara's mother when Mimspey Mara is grounded from acting for getting bad grades and stealing Gretel's report card. When the party sucessfully let her enter the actor's guild, she leave the house without giving Iya her blessing. However, the wickedness blessing can be obtained when the party search Heptitus house, it is at the treasure box at the lower right corner.

Love BlessingEdit

Luck BlessingEdit

To get the luck blessing, you need to save Serendipity who was kidnapped by five trolls in Shivendale Woods. Defeat the trolls and go to Stardale Glen, Serendipity will give Iya her blessing.

Hope BlessingEdit

Wisdom BlessingEdit

In order to obtain the Wisdom Blessing, you must travel to the Land of Lost via dragon. Once you make your way to Eredar, the heroes realize that the city is abandoned. After exploring the ruins, the party comes across Story of Nuha, a blank book with the nymph trapped inside. Nuha tells the heroes to take her to someone who can write her story. After that, she will be free. Ean and the others must take the book to a historical writer in Thais; his house is marked by a sign with a book and quill. Leave the book with the writer, and after awhile go back to retrieve it. He will have finished the book, and Nuha will be released and tells the party to visit her at her shrine in Eredar. Upon returning to Eredar, Nuha will give Iya her blessing of wisdom.

Defeating the Snow QueenEdit

The fall of the snow queen is already at hand. The weapon has been built and the Squirrel Commander has taken to the skies. The weapon fired and destroyed the barrier surrounding Shaenlir, but a backfire likewise did the same thing to the weapon; hence, the Squirrel Comma der died once again. By the time the party arrives at the base of the Spire Mountains, Shaenlir soldiers were scattered throughout the area to prevent them from reaching the city. They reached Shaenlir at the time Thais soldiers were already attacking the city and fighting through the enemy forces. The party assists in the fight, until they eventually reached the castle.

The battle with the Snow Queen commenced with all the abilities of the members of the current party, but ends unexpectedly with a surprise when Heptitus appeared and revealed that she is behind all of the trouble for being the Nymph of Wickedness.


As with many role-playing games, the outcomes are often determined by in-game interactions.

After defeating the Snow Queen, Ean has three choices. He can either return home to The Vale with Iya where they are heralded as heroes, and Iya's grandmother calls her "Song Mage." Ean can also accompany Rye to Thais, where they both become high-ranking military officials. Lastly, Ean can continue alone, exploring the Land of Man; this "ending" allows the player to roam the world with only Ean, and a solid conclusion to the game is not reached.

Meanwhile, Rye and Emma return to Thais.

Jack also returns to Thais, and quickly lands himself in jail after attempting to steal a young woman's ring.

Ava returns to Seri, and depending on user choices, she may be accompanied by Gavin or Nicolas. If they do not go with Ava, Gavin returns to Bogwood, and Nicolas to Thais.

Important characterEdit

Note:If you want to know and more closely about each character, please see a separate article about that character you choose

Playable CharactersEdit

  • Ean Okho, Shapeshifter (main character)
Ean is a young elf who is learning how to become a forager in Elfwood. When his best friend, Iya, disappears, he must bravely enter the Land of Man to search for her.
Iya, Ean's best friend, is a young elf interested in forest magic. She dreams of becoming a singer in the Vale, carrying on her heritage. One night in attempting to prove her singing abilities, Iya disappears.
Rye, a quiet lad with a good hand for a bow, spends most of his time in the forest. He feels more comfortable there with the forest animals than with the villagers in Ryva. He has recently grown tired of Ryva and wants to leave and explore the world.
Nicolas, the younger brother of Prince Uthar, is a young man caught up in his looks and titles. He is a powerful but arrogant healer, who willingly uses his skills to help nobility, but scoffs at helping dirty peasants. He absolutely detests witches, and refuses to be in any group containing one. He is the great-grandson of Rhen Pendragon.
Gavin, a warlock, is very good at magic. In his village of Bogwood, all of the witches are in love with him, which he finds quite funny but tiresome. He has a wicked sense of humor and he is a little diabolical. Gavin dislikes nobility and will not travel with Nicolas.
Emma, who has been a servant for several years in the city of Candar, loves sword fighting and desperately wants to attend the School of War and Magic in Thais. A brave and determined girl, she likes to perfect everything that she learns.
Jack, the street urchin from Ahriman's Prophecy who thinks everyone is a fool, is a thief with a quick tongue and fast fingers. Not having the best of luck, he is always getting into trouble. In fact he was petrified, and you can free him to have his help. Jack can pick almost any lock, which is a valuable ability, and his nimble fingers may help you obtain more spoils in a battle.
Ava One Eye, whose allegiance is to Uthar Pendragon, is an agent for Thais. Having spent her life on a ship, she is an experienced captain. Being very smart, little impresses her. She has a hard hand and doesn't care for the weak of mind. Uthar calls her Rip when she is spying for him.
Av2 group

Iya's group

Unplayable charactersEdit

Uthar is Nicolas's elder brother and the leader of the rebellion fighting against the Snow Queen.
  • The Six Nymphs of Spirit
1. Heptitus, the Nymph of Wickedness, live in Bogwood on the mainland. True to her nature, she won’t give her blessing willingly.
2. Ceri, the Nymph of Love, lives in the Secret Garden behind Candar Castle, on the mainland.
3. Serendipity, the Nymph of Luck, lives in Stardale Glen, on the island called the Wildlands.
4. Aisling, the Nymph of Hope, lives in Fairytale Forest, on Storybook Island.
5. Nuha, the Nymph of Wisdom, lives in ancient city called Eredar, on the Land of Lost.
6. Ishtar, the Nymph of Compassion, lives in Shaenlir Castle, on the Mainland. If the name sounds familiar, it may be with good reason. Ishtar is the Snow Queen, and is the one responsible for Iya’s situation. Needless to say, her blessing will not be easy to obtain, and she will make every attempt to see that Iya cannot receive any other blessing either!
The Oracle is a constant aide to the party. Her first appearance is in the snow forest when Ean and Iya escaped the Shaenlir Castle. She pointed Ean and Iya in the right direction to help them against the evil plots of the Snow Queen. When the heroes’ party visits Aveyond, she helps them find the dragon to get to the Land of Lost.
Once you defeat Heptitus, the Oracle confesses that the nymphs are her daughters.

Music SoundtrackEdit

Aaron Walz returned to produce the soundtrack to Aveyond 2. File:Evil.mid


Aveyond 2 had a good reception by the gaming community. Erin Bell of Gamezebo says, "it's a great example of a 'casual' role-playing game that delivers a delightful and accessible fantasy adventure." Neal Chandran from RPGFan said, "Aveyond 2 represents another wonderful independently developed RPG and is another feather in the cap of Amaranth Games." and that though it does not revolutionize the Aveyond series in any way, it "adds another immersive entry to this solid series." Aveyond 2 was second runner-up in the 2007 Game Tunnel Game of the Year: Player's Choice Award and RPG of the Year Award.

Publication Response
Gamezebo 4/5
RPGFan 85%