Aveyond 1 Rhen's Quest is the first part in Aveyond series. Expanding on the success of its predecessor- introducing part- Ahriman's Prophecy, it offers a wealth of quests, characters and endings, and has been hailed as "funny, innovative and wildly imaginative".

Backstory (between Ahriman's Prophecy and Aveyond 1 Rhen's Quest)Edit

After the defeat of Ahriman in Ahriman's Prophecy, Devin Perry and Alicia Pendragon married and settled down to rule Thais together. At some point, they had a child together. The prophecies claimed that the girl would someday slay a great demon and save the kingdom of Thais from evil. Shortly after her birth, Ahriman returned--apparently from his death. His demons terrorized Thais, killed Queen Alicia, and destroyed much of the surrounding area. Tailor Darzon, a young but trusted general of Thais, offered to take the child to a safe place and raise her away from the danger. With the help of Talia Maurva, the druid of Dreams, Tailor fled the kingdom with the child and escaped across the ocean to the Western Isles. Tailor settled in the small mountain village of Clearwater, where he and his wife raised the princess as their own daughter. They lived peacefully together for sixteen years, and the princess--named Rhen--was never told about her true identity.



Rhen is playing in a field when she sees a strange, glowing butterfly. As she reaches out for it, she is transported to a different land. There, she finds an injured priestess. Rhen and the strange woman are transported back to Clearwater, where the priestess is taken care of by Rhen's Pa.

After taking the village herbalist, Dyonna, to see Talia, Rhen's Ma instructs her to gather five marionbells. In the village center, Rhen meets Danny, who is the son of the baker. Rhen blushes to talk to him. After collecting the flowers, Rhen returns to her Ma, who then tells her to go to bed, as the next day is the festival.

During the festival, Rhen encounters a friend of hers who invites her to go chase Billy Harper's sheep. She follows him into a cave passage and finds herself alone. Partway through the passage, Rhen encounters a slave trader who captures her and sells her as a slave in Ghalarah.

Slave and StudentEdit

As a slave, Rhen is mistreated and abused by Lars and his mother. She is often instructed to do menial labor and the like. One morning, when she wakes up, she is instructed by Lar's mother to kill the spiders in the attic. She is also told to retrieve Lars' clothes from the seamtress. He will wear these clothes when the emissionaries from the Shadwood Academy come.

Lars, ever the bully, spends the morning of his departure pushing around the slave children. Rhen, angered by Lars' attitude, accidentally unleashes some astonishing magic on him. The emissaries from Shadwood Academy happen to be in town at the time and witness the exchange. The emissary Lorad senses in her a powerful gift for the magic of Sword Singing, and much to Lars' dismay, Rhen is freed from slavery and sent to Shadwood Academy as well to train as a novice Sword Singer.

Important MissionEdit

After passing into apprenticeship, Rhen finds the old Priestess Ring that she was given by Talia in a junk shop in Veldarah. When Rhen touches the ring, the Priestess Talia is magically summoned. Talia will not tell Rhen where she is or how she can return home, but asks Rhen to meet her in the Empress' palace without explanation.

In the palace, Rhen meets Lars, who is there to visit his cousin, the Empress. Rhen finds Talia and the Empress and the two of them converse mysteriously about things that Rhen doesn't understand.

The Oracle makes a brief appearance; upon examining Rhen, the Oracle declares that the girl is indeed the chosen one who will vanquish the demon Ahriman once and for all. The Oracle, the Empress, and Talia all decide that Rhen's destiny lies outside Shadwood Academy. Talia tells Rhen that she must gather all the Druids from their far-flung temples and bring them to the Sun Temple in Aveyond.

Lars, who was eavesdropping on the conversation, at once volunteers to accompany Rhen on her noble quest. The Empress agrees. Rhen and Lars prepare to leave Veldarah. Talia requests that they go with her to Aveyond. They agree and travel Northward until they find a ferry that will take them to the Northern Isle.

Journey to the NorthEdit

The Northern Isle is cold, and perpetual snowfall and earth tremors wrack the land. Rhen and Lars trek through the snowstorms until they find a little village inhabited by dwarves. Some of the inhabitants are worried about the strange weather. They say the Snow Queen and the Mountain King are fighting, and it is causing harm to the people of the Northern Isle.

Rhen's party use their minimal student skills to fight off the intimidating oxen and wolves that inhabit the North. They barely pass through the snowy lands and finally reach the legendary Aveyond, which is a strange oasis of green grass and teacups. Rhen and Lars pass by wild gryphons and malignant bees and venture up to the Sun Temple.

There they find the Oracle, who tells them that the Sun Druid is away and will return shortly. She explains that the Sword of Shadows holds the power to entrap the souls of demons, but warns that should the blade ever break, the demons would be free again.

Strangely, Talia declines to remain in the Sun Temple after all, and continues to travel with Rhen and Lars on their journey.

The WildwoodsEdit

Rhen and Lars have the run of the Eastern Isle, but only for as long as their magical abilities will protect them. The party returns to the Eastern Isle and explores the South. They find a boat dealer on the east coast who (ironically) refuses to sell his boat, but pines for a wife.

Further south, the party enters Lookout Point at the height of a mountain range, where they find a strange woman standing alone on a mountaintop. She warns Rhen and Lars that the Wildwoods are unsafe for children. The party crosses rocky peaks and rickety bridges, and has to defend themselves from crows. The fighting experience lends to their skill-building.

Finally the party enters the forests and finds an inn, where they may rest. The patrons of the Wildwoods Tavern talk of a magical hind who lives in a cave to the south, luring in adventurers--who never return. Lars is convinced that he and Rhen must defeat the Hind in order to impress the headmaster at Shadwood and graduate from the Academy.

The party explores the Wildwoods and finds a hermit living in a cabin. Talia and the Hermit converse, and it is revealed that the hermit is actually Devin Pendragon, king of Thais. Talia leaves Rhen's party in order to take Devin to Aveyond. Rhen and Lars find the Hind's lair. The Hind plays a magic harp, which enraptures any listener. Rhen and Lars turn the Hind to stone and take the harp as proof. When they go again to the Academy, the Headmaster is duly impressed and appoints Lars Sorceror and Rhen Sword Singer.

Land's EndEdit

Rhen and her party travel to Land's End, south of the Wildwoods.  They find the temple of Vohu Manah, the Druid of Music, uninhabited.  In order to rescue the druid, they must travel through the Mount Orion cave system, but the caves are only accessible via boat.  The party can find a pomegranate seed and an old lady tending an enchanted garden.  Rhen grows a pomegranate and offers it at the altar beside the river at Mount Orion, and the boat floats towards her, allowing her to pass.

Rhen travels through Mount Orion, fighting many beasts both inside and outside of the caves, and eventually reaches the daeva, Nanghaithya, who has stolen Vohu Manah's soul.  After defeating Nanghaithya, Rhen collects Vohu Manah's soul and returns it to the temple.  Grateful, Vohu Manah gives Rhen two rewards back at the Sun Temple in Aveyond: a choice of either a sleep flute or a pile of emeralds, and a skull.  The druid Dameon has returned to the Sun Temple, as well, and offers to join Rhen's party.

Halloween HillsEdit

The party uses the skull acquired from Vohu Manah to open the path to Halloween Hills.  Rhen and her companions visit the towns of New Witchwood and Ghed'ahre, inhabited by witches and vampires, respectively.  In New Witchwood, they meet a witch who gives the party a shovel, a witch who wants to get married, and a witch who wants to send her son away to school.  Rhen introduces Griselda, the witch who wants a husband, to the boat dealer, who will then sell the party his boat.

In Ghed'ahre, Rhen meets Te'ijal, a vampiress who wants to explore the world but cannot go out in the sunlight.  The Darkness Temple, home to the druid Rashnu, is beside the cathedral in Ghed'ahre, as well.  Rhen plays the organ in the cathedral to reveal a hidden passage underneath the cathedral.  The party traverses an enormous maze full of puzzles and riddles in order to find and defeat the daeva Zarich and rescue Rashnu's soul.  Rashnu offers Rhen a choice of reward between a pile of coins and a bottle of sun block, which can be given to Te'ijal.  A grateful Te'ijal, if given sunblock, will join Rhen's party.

The Western IsleEdit

Rhen uses her new rowboat, sold to her by the recently wed boat dealer, to travel to the Western Isle.  In the Lowlands, Rhen delivers the witch's sweet son Theodore to the Gentle Children's School.  The passage to Sedona, a major city on the Western Isle, is only accessible by land via the Peninsula Trade Route, and Rhen cannot yet travel to Sedona by boat.

The party finds the Green Rock Temple, home to the druid Armaiti, in the Highlands.  They also locate the cottage of Velgerd.  The gate in his yard blocks the way to the cave system in which Tawrich, the daeva that stole Armaiti's soul, is hiding.  Velgerd opens the gate for Rhen only after she has obtained his glass eye, which was stolen from him by his brother, Dorvan.  Dorvan lives in the Mystery Manor in the Lowlands, and he only relinquishes the glass eye after a battle with Rhen and her companions.  The party returns the eye to Velgerd and travels through the caves behind his house to defeat Tawrich.  Once Armaiti's soul is restored, she gives them a Merchant's Pass for the Peninsula Trade Route and a choice between a climbing guide and a cooking kit.

Clearwater, Rhen's old hometown, is also in the Highlands.  When Rhen returns home, she finds that little has changed; however, when she speaks with her parents, they reveal to her that they are not her parents by birth.  Rhen learns that she is the heir to the throne of Thais and destined to save the world from Ahriman.  She is reluctant to accept her fate, and does not immediately agree to become queen once she has defeated Ahriman.

The PeninsulaEdit

Rhen and her party travel through the Peninsula Trade Route to the westernmost point of the Isle.  They find the city of Sedona, where Rhen attends a ball, trans her skills, and purchases a manor for herself and her friends.  When she visits the palace, she witnesses an assassination attempt against the king.  The party volunteers to hunt down the assassin, and the Sedona paladin Galahad insists upon accompanying them.

Rhen tracks the assassination attempt to the thieves' hideout outside of the city.  She strikes a deal with the thieves, helping them to acquire a statue in exchange for the name of the individual who hired them to kill the king.  Lord Gavin, the man who sold Rhen her manor, is arrested.

Rhen purchases an empty bottle in the junk shop in Sedona.  She travels by boat all the way to the Memory Caverns in Aveyond and captures a fairy in the bottle.  The party shows this fairy to the Mountain King, who has been fighting with his wife and causing massive snowstorms on the Northern Isle because he did not believe in fairies.  The snowstorms cease, and the Snow Queen finally leaves her ice palace to be with her husband over Thornkeep.

The Snow Queen leaves behind the key to the Ice Caverns, where Indra is hiding.  The party defeats Indra and returns the soul of Daena, the druid of wisdom, to her temple.  In return, Indra offers Rhen a choice between a pile of diamonds and a dizzy doll.

The Southern IsleEdit

Using the ship she purchased in Sedona, Rhen travels to the Southern Isle, Elini's home.  There, she travels to the Temple of Strength, home to the druid Eithera.  In the demon caves, she finds a lamp with a genie inside.  The genie is distraught because the daeva Saurva has moved into his lamp, and he asks the party to find him a new home.

In the city of Veldt on the Southern Isle, Rhen finds another lamp in the palace of the Queen.  In order to obtain this lamp, she must earn the respect of the royal family by defeating the Queen's husband in combat.  The Queen then sends Rhen on a quest to find her a nightingale to ease her sleep.  The party captures a nightingale in Sedona and brings it to the Queen, who gives Rhen a dragon bridle in exchange.

The genie moves into the Queen's lamp, and the party enters his old lamp to defeat Saurva and collect Eithera's soul.  Eithera will give the party either a mithril rapier or a demon summoning spell.

Rhen finds a dragon in the caves on the Southern Isle, but cannot fly it herself.  The only dragon rider she can find is Pirate John, a man in jail in the Veniara Islands just to the north.  The party liberates him from jail, and he agrees to stay with them as long as they need a dragon rider.

Thais and Mysten FarEdit

Now that Rhen has a dragon and a capable dragon rider in her party, she can fly to Thais, which is not accessible by boat.  She touches down in the Blasted Lands, the remnants of the once-prosperous territory around Thais.  Here, Rhen begins to contemplate her future, and whether she should become queen after all.

The daeva Aesma has the soul of the Druid of Time, Vata, hidden away in the Dark Caverns; however, Rhen cannot defeat the daeva because he moves too quickly for her to even see him.  Rhen returns to Land's End and climbs a beanstalk to find a magic clock, which slows Aesma down enough for Rhen to fight him.

Rhen cannot enter Vata's temple without the Dreamer's Tear.  She must travel to the Dreamworld by way of Mysten Far.  After rescuing a Mysten Far priestess from an ogre on Mount Orion, Rhen is granted access to the Dreamworld.  Here, she defeats the daeva Agas, who was holding the Dreamer's Tear.  She travels back to the Memory Caverns, restores the bridge to the temple using the tear, and returns Vata's soul to his body.  Vata offers either a Gauss Shield spell or a Cloak of Invisibility to the party.

Now that all of the druids have returned to the temple, they give Rhen the Sword of Shadows.  This sword is made specifically for Rhen to defeat Ahriman as prophecied.  Confident and strong, Rhen travels back to the temple stronghold on the Southern Isle and into Ahriman's lair.

Ahriman's lairEdit

With the Sword of Shadows, the hero party is sent once again to the Stronghold Temple, where they find the doorway to Ahriman's lair. The heroes fight the Angel of Nightmares and the Myr Wyvern, and at last make it to Ahriman's secret chamber, where Ahriman himself awaits.

There they discover that the Sun Druid Dameon Maurva is in fact an ally of Ahriman. Dameon offers Rhen the choice to join him and live forever. Rhen refuses, throwing fairy dust into Dameon's eyes. Fairy dust always reveals the truth, so this allows Dameon to see the demon's true dark side despite Ahriman's enchantment, and Dameon is able to decide for himself what he should do.

Dameon rejoins the heroes and together they fight and defeat Ahriman. Rhen stabs him with the Sword of Shadows and finally traps the demon. When the demon has gone, his lair begins to collapse, and the hero party escape to the desert, where they watch the Stronghold Temple entrance cave in.


Rhen returns the Sword of Shadows to the Oracle. With peace restored, the druids all return to their shrines except Eithera, whose shrine is now destroyed, and Talia.

The Oracle gives her the final choice: to rule over Thais as queen, to live as a hermit in the Wildwoods, or to return to Clearwater.

Depending on the user's decision:

  • Rhen may return to the Wildwoods cabin and live a lonely life in the forest.
  • Rhen may return to Clearwater. She marries the baker's son, Danny, and lives happily ever after.
  • Rhen may return to Veldarah and become High Sword Singer at Shadwood Academy.  Lars will become High Sorcerer.  In this ending, Rhen abolishes slavery.
  • Rhen may return to Thais. As this is the "real" ending of the story, this plot branch is much more detailed than any of the above.

If she chooses to be queen, Rhen will express her desire for Dameon to come with her. The Oracle asks Dameon if he would like to be removed of his duties to escort her to Thais, and he readily agrees. Devin takes Dameon's place as Druid of Light, and with his new immortality can spend the rest of eternity with Talia, his old friend.

All of the party except Rhen and Dameon end by wandering the Sun Temple. They apparently return to their lives.

Rhen and Dameon, now alone, travel to Thais. Rhen shows the Chancellor her Sigma Ring and tells him that she wants to marry Dameon. An extravagant wedding and coronation ceremony follows, which all of the party members attend. Rhen and Dameon live happily ever after together.

Important charactersEdit

Note: If you want to know and more closely about each character, please see a separate article about that character you choose

Playable CharactersEdit

Av1 group

Rhen's group, from left to right: Rhen, Lars, Elini, Dameon, Te'ijal, Galahad, Pirate John and Mad Marge

  • Rhen "Darzon" Pendragon, sword singer: Peasant girl from a small mountain village called Clearwater. She is captured and sold as a slave in Ghalarah to Mistress Rona Tenobor, but is freed when it is discovered she can learn sword magic. She becomes a powerful sword singer and, later, a queen.
  • Lars Tenobor, sorcerer: Mean-spirited noble boy who is from the eastern city Ghalarah. He is the son of Mistress Rona Tenobor who owns Rhen. In the city, it is well known that Lars can learn magic and is going to become a sorcerer. When he learns that Rhen is going to attend his school and become a sword singer, he sets out to make her life miserable.
  • Elinidana'ter'Lithir de Aramati, demon summoner: Exotic demon summoner who is from a southern city called Veldt. She has three husbands, but has left her city to find a new husband to add to her collection.
  • Dameon Maurva, Sun Priest: Young, powerful sun priest who has turned away from the light. He joins Rhen and attempts to lure her into his evil master’s grasp but eventually grows to love her.
  • Te'ijal Ravenfoot, vampress: Vampress who has the desire to leave her midnight village and see the surface. She has a mean bite and an unhealthy appetite for pure-hearted paladins.
  • Galahad Teomes, paladin: Royal paladin who sees the world in black and white. He is convinced that magic does not exist and joins the party because he thinks Rhen must be protected from the forces of evil, which includes the vampress, Te’ijal.
  • Pirate John, pirate: Randy pirate who is good at getting in trouble. In his earlier days, he was a daring dragon rider for the empire of Veldt, but left to escape a Veldt woman with four husbands.
  • Mad Marge, Bar Maid: Tough tavern owner with a short temper. She is as big as a horse and as mean as a bear with a sore tooth.

Other charactersEdit

Talia Maurva: the Druid of Dreams and a powerful priestess who defeated the demon Ahriman in her youth. Talia is Dameon's mother and may have assisted in the death of his father. She plays a benevolent role in the game and offers some advice to get Rhen started on her quest.

The Oracle: It is not clear what the Oracle's powers are or what her role is in the Aveyond 1 universe, but she is very much respected by the Druids and by royalty and is consulted by the Empress of the Eastern Isle as to whether Rhen really is "the chosen one". It is the Oracle who sends Rhen on her quest to rescue the druids, and who instructs Rhen that Ahriman must be defeated with the Sword of Shadows.

Tailor Darzon: Rhen's pa who lives as a shoemaker in the village of Clearwater. Rhen discovers that he is not her biological father, but still feels a strong attachment to him, as Tailor is the only father she has known. Tailor served as a general under the king and queen of thais and was entrusted with the care of the princess when Thais fell.

Devin Pendragon: Once a spirited adventurer and king of Thais, Devin has fallen from his former dignity. After the fall of Thais, Devin found himself mysteriously transported to a lonely cabin in the Wildwoods. With the loss of his wife and daughter heavy on his mind, Devin never has the heart to leave the cabin and lives as a hermit there. Devin is Rhen's "real" father but both seem to find it awkward to talk to one another.

Music SoundtrackEdit

The soundtrack was written and recorded by Aaron Walz of Walz Music. The score features many recorded symphonic instruments, a rare feature for an independent game. The soundtrack won Game Tunnel's Game of the Year: Sound award for 2006.

Reception Edit

Independent gaming website Game Tunnel awarded Aveyond their Game of the Month and Gold Award in March 2006. On the other side, Game Chronicles reviewer Jason Porter highlighted awkward key mapping (which cannot be remapped) and criticized the main character's personalities, dialogues and evolution throughout the game.

Aveyond 1 Rhen's Quest
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