Amaranth Games, developer of the Aveyond series, is an independant game developing company, specializing in Role playing game. It is owned and operated by Amanda Fitch, who is notable for being in an industry where, to quote Gamezebo, “the grand irony of casual games is where as a lot of women enjoy playing casual games, very few women actually create them. The focus of Amaranth Games is to deliver light-hearted, epic fantasy adventure and role-playing games. Each title is brimming with fairytale quests, challenging game play, and vast worlds to explore.

The name "Amaranth is a reference to the flower (also called chrusanthemon and elichrusos), which was a symbol of immortality in ancient Greece".
Amaranth Games logo

Amaranth Games logo


After she graduated from college with an English BA, founder Amanda Fitch became a technical writer, but was bored and needed something challenging to do. At the same time, she couldn’t find any games that she wanted to play at the local game shop, so she decided to make her own, and formed Amaranth Productions. The first game, Gaea Fallen was not well received at the community it was launched in, but Fitch gained many pointers from the feedback and resolved to focus more on the details in her next game, the prequel of the successful Aveyond series, Ahriman's Prophecy. It was so popular (it gained a million downloads in a year) that she decided to try and sell her next games commercially.

On 6th June 2007, Amaranth Productions was registered as a private limited liability company and became Amaranth Games, LLC. It is currently based in Redmond, Washington, but has a thriving online community as well. Amaranth Games goes on to launch nine commercial games quite successfully, and is now a well-known name in the indie community

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