Alicia Pendragon
Princess Alicia
Biographical information
Born: about 20 to 25 BY
Died: 0 AR
Age: about Devin and Talia's age
Nationality: Thaisian
Hometown: Thais
Alias: Princess
Physical information
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Height: normal
Hair color: gold
Eye color: blue
Skin color: white
Family and Friends
Father: King Alexander Pendragon
Mother: Queen Alisandra Pendragon
Devin Perry
Rhen Pendragon (daughter)
Talia, Devin,
Ahriman, Prince Zorom of Candar
Personality, abilities
Devin, sword, adventure
Royal duty, Arranged Marriage
Basic swordman abbilities, can hit numbers of enemies if equipped with the right weapon
many sword skills addition brave strong
Weapon type:
Sword, Rapier
Crown-princess of Thais, Knight, Queen of Thais
Member of Talia's group in Ahriman's Prophecy
Behind the Scenes
First appearance:
Ahriman's Prophecy, inside Thais castle

Only a girl! What's that supposed to mean?! I'll show what a girl can do!

——Princess Alicia to Devin after she is rescued from Lord Zorom's attempted forced marriage ceremony


Early lifeEdit

Alicia Pendragon is the crown princess of Thais. Alicia doesn't want to live the life of a typical princess 'To get married to a prince, live happily ever after.'' She is the only daughter of King Alexander Pendragon and Queen Alisandra Pendragon. She went to the same school as Talia and Devin, 'The Collegium Of War and Magicke’, and already completed her training when she joined Talia's entourage.

Princess Alicia

Although she is demanding and has little respect for commoners, she is a gifted swordswoman who dreams of becoming a mercenary.

Adventure finding relicsEdit

Alicia later join's Talia's party, helping her find the relics and attempt to defeat Ahriman. Alicia's her future husband, Devin Perry, is also on this quest

Queen of ThaisEdit

Several years after the quest and afte Talia became the dreamer, Devin Perry married Alicia Pendragon and they became the new King and Queen of Thais, respectively. Together, they had a daughter named Rhen Pendragon. Alicia was killed by Ahriman after discovering that she had given birth to The Chosen One. However, before she died, she made sure that Rhen was safe by handing her over to her trusted general, Tailor Darzon.


Alicia is feisty. She's a bit of a tomboy, and loves going on a adventures. Seems that she has little respect for commoners. Her dream is to become a mercenary.


Alicia has long golden hair and blue eyes. After she joins Talia's party, she wears a green color tunic and brown pants with her hair tied in a ponytail. When she is not in Talia's party, she wears a long, blue dress.



Her parents are the King and Queen of Thais, Alexander and Alisandra Pendragon. Her husband is Devin Pendragon. She and Devin had a daughter named Rhen Pendragon.


At first Alicia thought of Talia as just another "peasant". Later in life, they bonded and Talia became one of her most dear friends. Talia would later save her daughter, Rhen Pendragon, from certain death, saving her and the general Taylor Darzon.


Alicia had disliked Devin when they first met due to his saying she was "only a girl." Devin became the love of her life later on, after he gained some respect for girls. They married. After Alicia's death in Thais, he took on the life of a hermit. He lived in the Eastern Isle, mourning over his dead wife and thought to be dead daughter.


Along with the rest of Talia's party, she knew Ahriman was an evil king/deity from millenia before. Other than that, she knew little about him.


Can equip swords/rapiers and attack. She is remembered by those who knew her as a great swordswoman.